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milliCare Franchise Development Website Receives Major Honor

September, 18, 2019
milliCare franchise development site e-book

High-quality site means potential milliCare franchise owners learn more about the brand from the very start, helping them start strong and grow quickly

When an entrepreneur is looking at franchise opportunities, they usually start online. More specifically, they begin by looking at lists of well-known brands, everything from top-ranked names to those who have won awards for their business model or other assets.

That’s important, because there are literally thousands of brands to evaluate, with more coming online all the time. And even after the field is narrowed, often someone will get confused, or give up, on a brand because of its poor-quality online presence. Not so with the milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise site, which recently picked up accolades from 1851 Franchise.

milliCare franchise development site e-book

Award-winning site offers easily accessible information

At its Franchise Development Website Awards, the noted content-marketing provider looked at more than 175 websites. According to the company, the panel of judges “evaluated each franchise development site according to three criteria: quality of site, quality of content and quality of form.” Sites were scored on a five-point scale for a maximum score of 15 total points, and the overall website rankings were based on a composite  average of those scores.”

milliCare received a composite score of 11.5 out of 15 — 3.9 in quality of site and quality of content, plus a 3.7 score in quality of form, the judges said, with SMB Franchise Advisors president and CEO Steve Beagelman adding “I thought milliCare’s site was really impressive. It uses great videos of franchisees, is easy to navigate and gives a prospect a lot of information, but is still easy to understand."

Helping the best candidates onboard and succeed

“We were thrilled to be recognized by such experts, and their praise validates our efforts to make sure anyone who looks at a milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise as a chance to be an independent business owner finds what they need,” says Bill Helton, Director of Franchise Development.

“We work to be completely transparent about startup costs and other variables that an entrepreneur needs to explore, as well as all the services we provide to clients,” Helton continues. “We also make sure that the site shows all the ways we support our franchise owners because no one wants to be out there alone. That is especially true for first-time business owners, who are eager to get started but need to know they have a team standing behind them. We think our sites lays out our whole business case well, and we are very happy to see that industry pros agree.”

A milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise is a business-to-business floor and textile maintenance company with more than 50 locations in 29 states and six countries. Our parent company, Milliken & Co., holds more than 7,000 patents in flooring, textiles and floor cleaning — experience and tools milliCare leverages as we carve out a niche in the floor cleaning industry. Startup costs are as low as $106,000 to $150,000, making the potential for high returns remarkable.

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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