What Services Do We Provide?

Seven core services address virtually every aspect of commercial flooring maintenance and care

If it’s a floor, milliCare Floor & Textile Care can take care of it. As flooring technology changes, our company continues to expand our commercial cleaning franchise services. Our franchise owners provide total floor care solutions to hotels, convention centers, major commercial and retail complexes, and government facilities such as airports and universities.

milliCare Floor & Textile Care technicians are trained in the latest floor and surface care, from routine carpet cleaning to tile and grout restoration. Take a look at the commercial cleaning services milliCare has to offer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance makes up the bulk of milliCare revenues, and with the addition of soft-surface and textile cleaning, milliCare technicians keep client businesses looking cleaner and newer for longer.

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“milliCare’s proprietary dry polymer process removes dirt, grime and stains, and without dumping gallons of water into the carpet,” says Stephen Lewis, Technical Director for milliCare. “Water isn’t the best cleaner for carpets, and since milliCare uses so little — more than 99% less water, in fact, than traditional carpet shampooing — carpets are cleaner, dryer and ready to walk on faster than any other commercial carpet cleaning process.”

Textile Care

“When you walk into a space, think about all the fabric, any textile, the carpet, and that’s a surface that needs cleaning and maintaining,” says Chris Cusick, Director of Business Development for milliCare. “Anything that’s a soft surface that can capture or trap dirt, we can clean it.”

Caring for textiles is important to keeping a clean space. Skilled milliCare textile care can improve the overall appearance and feel of upholstered seating and panel fabrics, extending their useful life and helping to ensure a space for clean working and clean living.

Performance Coatings

In hospitals, industrial spaces and other commercial facilities, such as heavily trafficked retail centers, carpet is often not a viable option. Yet hard surfaces require regular maintenance and cleaning — while they’re durable, they’re not indestructible. That’s why milliCare provides a complete range of hard-surface performance coatings to help keep hard surfaces attractive while providing ease of maintenance. Our surfaces are also backed by a 3-year warranty — virtually unheard of elsewhere in the commercial floor care industry. That’s a win-win for facilities managers, as Brian Morgan explains.

“milliCare provides some of the most cutting-edge performance surfaces for commercial facilities,” says Morgan, who is our Director of Operations. “These products have opened up sectors of the floor care market that were previously off limits to our franchise owners because they didn’t contain a lot of carpet. For example, hospitals and health care facilities are one of our fastest growing segments.”

Tile and Grout Care

Tile is a resilient surface, especially in heavily trafficked or hard-to-clean spaces such as commercial kitchens or restrooms. But tile and grout also have a tendency to capture dirt and grime, and over time the floor begins to look dirty, no matter what the owner does. milliCare provides a tile and grout restoration and protection product that makes tile look virtually new again — and helps keep it that way for longer.

“Tile and grout is almost an Achilles heel for businesses, especially in bathrooms, where the grout turns black, the tile doesn’t look clean and even odors get trapped,” explains Stephen Lewis, Technical Director for milliCare. Stephen also serves as a Franchise Business Consultant for our brand, and he knows firsthand the challenges property owners face with tile and grout. “Our tile and grout care restore grout lines and coats and seals the tile and grout, providing long-term protection. Then clients don’t have to worry about it again. They just clean it regularly like they normally would.”

General Maintenance Floor Care

Whether it’s a resilient flooring product, tile, concrete or poured composite, facilities managers and owners want to protect their flooring investment. milliCare technicians specialize in matching the right floor-care program with the needs of each facility to enhance the floor’s image without straining the client’s budget.

We don’t let the soil take control. Instead, skilled and certified milliCare technicians use high-quality acrylic polishes, cleaners and strippers to improve appearance and durability. We are also committed to environmental sustainability, so our products are safe for the environment and durable to reduce waste.

Entryway Systems

Preventing the buildup of dirt and grime on carpets and floors starts at the door. That’s why milliCare provides entryway systems that help trap dirt before it gets into the carpets or onto soft surfaces. Entryway systems are the first line of defense to help improve flooring appearance and lifespan.

“Clients are really starting to recognize the value of our entryway systems, which trap and remove dirt and grime before it gets onto carpets,” Stephen says. “Our salespeople know how many steps it takes for the amount of traffic a building receives to keep dirt out, which keeps carpets and floors cleaner, longer, providing a great value to the customer.”

Protective Care Services

Take a look at the commercial cleaning franchise services milliCare offers.

When it comes to dirt, the best offense is a good defense. milliCare provides a complete line of protective care services, from odor mitigation to fiber protection to spot cleaning. Certified technicians help not only clean up messes when they happen, but also help to minimize the damage when they do.

Overall, that’s the philosophy behind our commercial-focused services — prepare, prevent, clean. Through providing a complete array of services, milliCare Floor & Textile Care owners enjoy multiple revenue streams from fewer clients with larger average contract prices. Few other floor cleaning franchises can offer the potential for long-term, sustainable growth.