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Take Charge of Your Future with a MilliCare Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity!

Become a Premier Commercial Carpet Cleaning Franchise Owner

Ready to Start Cleaning up by Owning a MilliCare Franchise?

If you’re currently in the commercial services industry and are tired of working for someone else’s bottom line, or you’re a corporate executive ready to forge your own future in a multi-billion-dollar industry, MilliCare cleaning franchise opportunities is the right move!

We’re a premier franchise brand that has been helping businesses stay cleaner longer for over two decades, and having gotten our start with a global manufacturer with more than 140 years of experience, we offer entrepreneurs a proven business model that sets them up for real growth.

Millicare franchisees operate way ahead of the competition, thanks in part to a proprietary compound that elevates our approach to carpet care. Our B2B floor and surface are services also include:
Hard surface cleaning franchise for sale
hard-surface cleaning
Buying a carpet cleaning franchise is an excellent option for first-time business owners
performance coatings
Be your boss with a tile and grout cleaning franchise.
tile and grout restoration
commercial service

5 Reasons to Invest in a MilliCare Floor Cleaning Franchise and Carpet Cleaning Business Opportunity

What makes MilliCare the ideal commercial floor care business for sale? Where do we start?
Know how to start a carpet cleaning franchise with MilliCare

In-Demand B2B Services

Virtually any commercial space is a potential MilliCare client.
The commercial cleaning franchise recurring revenue is increasing.

Recurring Revenue

MilliCare franchise owners can grow enterprise-level operations thanks to the annuity-like recurring revenue their business generates, improving their quality of life and financial stability.
Are you looking for carpet cleaning for sale? Check out MilliCare.

National Accounts

With access to national accounts from coast to coast, we’re ready to help you get started in your territory using our 90-day startup timeline.

Are you looking for a low-cost cleaning franchise? Reach out to us at MilliCare.

Low Startup Investment

Your first MilliCare territory investment could start at just $128,800, with a $49,000 franchise fee discount for each additional unit you open.
Proprietary Compound From Dupont

Proprietary Compound

Setting up MilliCare owners with unique and diverse floor and surface care services allows them to stand out from other commercial cleaners and help our franchise business owners maintain a 95%+ customer retention rate.
Understanding the factors that influence the carpet cleaning franchise cost

Businesses Trust The Millicare Experts!

When thinking about buying a carpet cleaning franchise, it’s important to do your homework. There might be plenty of options to choose from, but they’re not all the same.

The best commercial cleaning franchise brands deliver consistent results that prove their value over time, and when it comes to MilliCare, studies show our approach can dramatically extend the life of carpets and hard surfaces, saving your customers millions in floor replacement costs over time.

Businesses trust the MilliCare brand, and when you join our floor and surface cleaning franchise family, your clients will include:
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
Class A commercial offices
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
Legal/Technology Firms
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
IT/Technology firms
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
Financial institutions
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
Government/Municipal buildings 
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
Schools/Educational institutions
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
Healthcare facilities
Know what commercial floor care services you can choose for your business.
And many more!

Ready to start your floor care and surface cleaning franchise?

Reach out to get the conversation going!

Become part of a recession-resistant industry

Joining MilliCare is an exciting and affordable way for professionals from diverse backgrounds to become part of the robust and recession-resistant commercial cleaning industry. Just take a look at some numbers:
2022 commercial cleaning industry worth
projected annual growth rate through 2025
US carpet cleaning industry worth in 2022
projected annual growth rate through 2022
With 297 billion sq. ft. of commercial flooring in the US, the potential for your MilliCare carpet cleaning franchise is huge. And unlike the crowded residential home services or restoration franchise space, commercial floor maintenance is a virtually wide-open market, with fractured, unorganized local competition and few brands on a national level.
Furthermore, no matter what their size or industry, businesses can’t afford to overlook regular, professional commercial upkeep of their properties, even (or especially!) during economic downturns. Your MilliCare franchise will be there to help them make lasting first impressions, while you enjoy a continuous source of recurring revenue!
Find out more about how we fit into this recession-resistant industry
Franchise opportunity in professional carpet cleaning
MilliCare Carpet Cleaning Franchise is growing

A Time-Tested Business Model with Plenty of Perks!

Whether your background is in B2B sales, operations, or corporate America, our flexible business model enables you to grow the business you want at a pace that lets you enjoy the fruits of your labor.
It comes with some pretty impressive perks, too, that include:
  • Expert pre-opening training that will get you up to speed on our industry and our processes and procedures.
  • We offer a business launch/grand opening marketing match.
  • Revenue streams that will make you the go-to source for expert commercial cleaning and floor care.
  • Proprietary chemistry and expert insights that set your franchise apart form other commercial cleaning companies.
  • A supportive network of fellow MilliCare franchisees to bounce ideas off of, share feedback with, and grow the brand with.
  • And a whole lot more!

What does a floor care and carpet cleaning franchise investment look like?

When it comes to the cost to start a carpet cleaning business, a MilliCare franchise business owner means a remarkably affordable investment. Below are some important numbers to consider:

Franchise Fee
Liquid Capital
$0 -
Total Investment
Financially qualified franchisees are also eligible for outside financing assistance where available.
Learn More About Our Investment Costs

Our Franchise Business Owners Say It Best

Take a listen to what some of our franchisees have to say about how they utilized our partnership to build their own high-performing carpet cleaning business franchise.


Are you ready to be your own boss and start working for your own bottom line? Check out our territories map to find out where we’ve identified areas for growth. Wherever you choose to start, your floor care franchise will have access to national accounts that greatly aid your chances of success. Reach out to our franchise team to discuss our available franchise territories and opening a carpet cleaning business in your community!

Find Out More About Our Available Territories
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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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