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How Much Does a Cleaning Business 
Make a Year?

The commercial cleaning industry is an exciting and recession-resistant one that has taken on more significance as a result of an increased focus on the sanitary and health conditions of many commercial spaces. Now more than ever, businesses must reassure their customers, clients, and employees that their environment is clean and hygienic, making the comprehensive services offered by your milliCare franchise an unmatched competitive advantage!

Our Franchise Weighs in on This, and Other Important Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how much a cleaning business makes a year or how to start a floor care business?

The typical MilliCare contracts range anywhere from $200 to more than $2 million, and these contracts are usually for recurring services. That means long-term, stable cleaning business revenue so you can predictably grow your business. In fact, the top quarter of MilliCare Floor & Textile Care franchises averaged $1.1 million per territory in revenue in the fiscal year ending November 29, 2020, according to our latest FDD.

MilliCare Floor & Textile Care offers commercial cleaning franchise services for retail shopping malls, airports, civic centers and convention spaces, hotels, law offices, doctors’ offices, and dozens more commercial spaces. Additionally, our franchise owners provide carpet, floor, and textile care to hospitals and industrial facilities.

The franchise fee for a single MilliCare territory is $49,000, with an additional $50,000 initial equipment package cost that is also paid to MilliCare. The total startup costs range from $128,800 - $155,500.

That depends on how you choose to run your carpet cleaning business, as limiting yourself to just carpets also likely limits your profits. Fortunately, MilliCare’s services allow our franchise business owners to service much more than just carpets. Thanks to our comparatively low startup costs and the high demand from our loyal client base, franchising with MilliCare gives you the best chance of establishing a profitable business in this industry.

Staffing your MilliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise requires finding technicians who are looking for long-term employment in a rewarding career. Sometimes, technicians will approach you about joining your operation. In some markets, advertising works well, while other franchise owners have had great success using staffing agencies.

Starting a MilliCare franchise usually requires at least one to two full-time employees in addition to yourself. While some franchise owners have successfully opened by themselves with just a single technician, optimally, it makes better sense to free yourself up to focus on managing one of the three key areas of the business: operations, sales, or service. For example, if you choose to focus on sales, you can rely on other employees to work the phones, manage the office, and schedule jobs for your technician. Ideally, as your business grows, we recommend you plan on three to five full-time employees, including yourself.

On a national scale, no other brand is competing exclusively for commercial carpet, floor, and textile care, though some restoration and cleaning franchises offer a water-based carpet shampoo service. For the most part, janitorial services tack on commercial floor care as a secondary service.

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