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Robust R&D Pipeline Keeps New Products and Services Coming

August, 17, 2018
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Staying on top of advances in flooring and flooring systems means having the products and services needed to meet client needs now and in the future

When a milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise owner meets with clients, especially those in new facilities, one question comes up right away: Can you take care of these specially designed floors? The answer is always “yes,” thanks to an R&D process that ensures the latest processes, formulas and equipment.

“New technology, even the ‘Internet of Things,’ has made its way into commercial flooring,” says Bill Helton, Director of Franchise Development. “Systems are now being designed that can track their own moisture levels and other elements that let facility managers know if there’s a problem, or if it’s time for maintenance. milliCare is working to make sure we’re on top of all the latest tech so that we can respond in a timely and even proactive way.”

Commercial flooring equipment in action

Lighter, faster and more eco-friendly

A big push in the development of new milliCare floor-cleaning equipment is to make it lighter and more efficient. For a milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise team, that means easier and faster setup and operations, as well as a more efficient clean. The same goes for cleaning compounds, which are engineered to be environmentally friendly as well as thorough and long-lasting.

“We are able to succeed not just because we do great work, but because the tools we use are good for the flooring and help that asset last as long as possible,” Helton says. “Our clients appreciate that, because they have made a significant investment in their flooring. They want a trusted partner not just to keep them clean, but to tell them what’s needed to boost longevity.”

Multiple lines of service create opportunities

A milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise also benefits from R&D by way of value-added services. For instance, protective services for odor migration to fiber protection and spot cleaning not only boost ticket totals and add to revenue, they also showcase the innovation behind the milliCare brand.

“Offering a ‘whole facility’ suite of services is something our clients value, because they don’t want to call a lot of people for basic maintenance,” Helton says. “What sets milliCare apart is that we take those services to the next level thanks to our investment in technological advances. Clients see that and know that we’ve got their investment covered now and in the future.”

Ranked 206 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise is a business-to-business floor and textile maintenance company with 70 locations in 29 states and six countries. Our parent company, Milliken & Co., holds more than 7,000 patents in flooring, textiles and floor cleaning — experience and tools milliCare leverages as we carve out a niche in the floor cleaning industry. Startup costs start as low as $106,000 to $150,000, making the potential for high returns remarkable.

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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