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Our Resilient Floor-Cleaning Franchise Makes a Difference

October, 27, 2023
Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise that helps save customers money

Commercial property owners and managers often require professional services to clean and maintain their spaces. Because floors in commercial properties experience significant wear and tear, a floor-cleaning franchise that can make a noticeable difference is of the utmost importance. However, some commercial cleaners only offer a limited set of services. In these cases, clients can be left scrambling to resolve their remaining sanitary issues. Oftentimes, they’ll either attempt to finish the job themselves or be forced to turn to another cleaning business.

Such situations can prove costly and inefficient for organizations working within a commercial property. To maintain productivity, businesses need a company that offers resilient floor care and can address all their challenges in a single visit. For the past 25 years, MilliCare has strived to deliver this superior level of service to all of our customers. As such, many commercial property owners trust us and our cleaning process to maintain their facilities.

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MilliCare’s unique business model helps franchise owners attract commercial clients in need of a variety of floor cleaning services. Our premier professional floor care products and excellent customer service have helped many of our franchises become the top choices for cleaning services in their areas. Our franchise owners can also leverage the brand awareness and customer loyalty that we have built up over the years.

Why Clients Choose Our Floor Care Franchise

Most people find that taking care of a commercial facility is a daunting task to handle on their own. Those without janitorial experience likely find it particularly difficult to clean and sanitize flooring effectively. Those without the proper knowledge and training may inadvertently clean improperly, creating an unsanitary environment in their commercial space. Commercial clients recognize the value of partnering with a MilliCare floor-cleaning franchise because of our:

  • Cleaning knowledge and extensive training and support of janitorial professionals
  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • Demonstrated track record of improving the sanitary conditions of our clients’ buildings 

How to Start a Floor Care Business with MilliCare

If you are wondering how to start a floor care business with a demonstrated pathway to attracting clients, look no further than MilliCare! Entrepreneurs who invest in our franchising opportunity will experience numerous benefits that are seldom duplicated by competitors in the commercial cleaning industry, including the following:

floor care franchise

Access to National Accounts

MilliCare’s clients include many organizations with multiple locations across the country. The work of our current MilliCare franchise owners has strengthened our brand’s relationship with many clients, encouraging them to trust us for their floor care needs at other facilities. New MilliCare owners in areas with nationwide businesses that are already MilliCare clients benefit from immediate access to a customer base.

Proprietary Compound to Boost Your Cleaning Franchise

MilliCare’s unique and diverse floor care offerings are usually preferred by our customers over services offered by other commercial cleaners. We take a more well-rounded approach than our competitors to clean and maintain a variety of surfaces, like hard floors, windows, carpets, furniture, and more! MilliCare franchise owners also have the expertise to handle specific challenges related to clients’ locations, industries, or additional unique aspects that other commercial cleaners are unable to resolve.

Relatively Low Initial Franchising Expenses

Entrepreneurs often must make a significant initial investment to get a new business up and running. MilliCare is no exception, although our franchise opportunity has a relatively low cost compared to other commercial cleaning businesses. Entering your first MilliCare territory could cost as little as $128,800. Those who open additional franchises receive a franchise fee discount of $49,000 per unit opened after the first.

MilliCare’s diverse floor and textile care services allow us to stand out above the competition to potential commercial clients. Our franchise owners leverage this, our favorable business model, and our established brand name to market themselves as the top floor care option in their territories. It’s no wonder why entrepreneurs and commercial property owners alike have found great results by owning MilliCare franchises.

Interested in seeing if a MilliCare cleaning franchise is the right opportunity for you? Reach out for more information and to discover the difference our franchise opportunity makes for investors and clients!

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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