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Are You Ready to Open a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

August, 01, 2023
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Many entrepreneurs looking for a worthwhile investment have found that starting a commercial cleaning franchise offers a viable pathway to achieving their business goals. Franchising allows them to share responsibilities with a business partner that has proven their ability to remain a sustainable presence in the market.

This helps them avoid the potential challenge of being overwhelmed and unable to handle everything on their own that they may otherwise experience as a traditional small business. By operating under a franchise brand, they can also directly benefit from the name recognition and customer loyalty that the brand has already built up. This allows their new franchise to start with plenty of positive momentum that can make a big difference in their chances of success.

If you are still wondering, “Is a cleaning franchise a good investment?” you should take a closer look at partnering with MilliCare. Our floor care franchise owners have been able to leverage our business model to realize the growth potential that can be found in today’s market. We have a multi-decade track record of putting investors in a position to succeed – and we are eager to do the same with you!

The MilliCare franchise agreement is similar to others in all kinds of industries in that it is a partnership – which means everyone brings valuable tools and resources to the table. You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran in the commercial cleaning industry to franchise with MilliCare. In fact, many of our successful franchise partners come from a wide array of industry backgrounds.

What We Look for in Franchise Owners

As mentioned, you don’t necessarily need a sizable amount of experience in the commercial cleaning franchise industry to own a MilliCare franchise. Our team has found common characteristics that some of our most successful franchise owners share. These include:

Prior Work in B2B Sales

As the owner of a floor care franchise, your clients will consist of other businesses with commercial property in need of your services. If you’ve had prior experience in managing business-to-business (B2B) sales transactions, contracts, and relationships in the floor care industry, you will probably find the transition to MilliCare franchise ownership quite smooth.

The same can likely be said if you worked as a specialist in another B2B or commercial industry.

An Eagerness to Take on a Leadership Role

Many entrepreneurs are motivated to start their own businesses because they want to find an opportunity that allows them to take greater control of their careers. As a MilliCare franchisee, you can share your vision and goals for your locations with our team. Together, we’ll design an employee training plan and course of action you can implement to help you and your staff achieve what you've set out to accomplish for your franchise. Becoming a great leader for your business requires the ability to:

  • Maintain a personable and professional attitude no matter the circumstances
  • Develop strong communication habits with both employees and clients
  • Build and foster relationships with employees, current clients, potential clients, other members of the MilliCare team, and members of the surrounding community when possible

A Solution-Focused Mindset

If you are someone who, when encountering or hearing about a client's problem, immediately thinks of opportunities to resolve it, you will fit in well as a MilliCare franchise owner. Commercial cleaning is not always glamorous, but the final results you can provide your clients with our variety of floor and textile care services and proprietary technology could be enough to make it nearly so.

Many MilliCare clients frequently welcome their own clients into their spaces, meaning that your team's work could be on full display for a large audience, one that could easily include other commercial property owners. By turning your clients' floor care challenges into positive results, you leave a strong impression that could cause potential clients to take notice and seek your services.

The Difference Our Franchise Business Partnership Makes for You

Beyond these traits, you will, just as importantly, need a certain level of financial investment to start your new business. MilliCare franchise owners pay a franchise fee of $49,000 and typically spend about $128,800 to $155,500 on their initial investment costs.

Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) clearly states each expense that you can anticipate when starting a floor care business with us. You can request a copy of our FDD on our website and review it yourself or share it with a trusted professional to review it for you before returning to us with any questions.

You can build a strong floor care franchise by combining your entrepreneurial skills and traits with the franchisor support from the MilliCare team. We are eager to prove to you why so many of our franchise owners regard us as one of the best businesses to partner with!

Want to learn if a MilliCare commercial cleaning services franchise is right for you? Contact us today and we can discuss how you might be the perfect fit!

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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