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Floor Cleaning Franchises vs. Home Services Businesses

April, 05, 2024
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In today’s market, entrepreneurs like you can explore a number of different independent home services business opportunities that will likely serve the needs of many consumers. However, not all home service industries have the same growth potential because few can compete in the commercial market. Commercial floor cleaning franchise owners, for example, are able to deliver a critical service to high-value clients in a way that few home services businesses can while taking advantage of all the benefits that come with franchising.

Of course, your franchise’s position in the market along with the benefits made available to you are dependent on the commercial brand you choose to franchise with. For decades, MilliCare has delivered top-tier floor and textile care to loyal clients, earning a reputation for offering comprehensive services and outstanding customer service. We maintain a consistency few home services businesses can match, setting our franchise owners apart. Organizations like schools, businesses, and hospitals, to name a few, that require our expert services rely on us to treat their high-traffic areas and address wear and tear on other surfaces. Armed with the resources to provide premium carpet, textile, tile, and grout care, as well as enhanced hygiene services on a commercial level, we're positioned to respond to their ongoing needs – needs that are supported typically by higher budgets than the average homeowners, which means greater revenue. With our high-value clients continuing to trust us with the important task of treating their floors, carpets, and other surfaces, it’s no surprise that MilliCare’s floor cleaning franchises are among the best opportunities to invest in.

Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise that helps save customers money

Examples of Home Services Businesses

The home services market is a broad one with a number of different ventures available to pursue. Here are some examples of some independent home services businesses:


A landscaping business provides a range of services to customers, including lawn care, garden design, tree trimming, irrigation system installation and maintenance, outdoor hardscaping, such as patios and pathways, and general maintenance to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a homeowner’s property. 

Pest Control

These businesses focus on eliminating and preventing future infestations of insects, rodents, and other pests on properties. This includes inspections, treatment plans, removal, and ongoing management to ensure homes remain pest-free.

Energy Maintenance

Home energy maintenance businesses work to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability for residential properties. This includes crucial aspects of a home, such as electrical setups, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), insulation upgrades, renewable energy installation (such as solar panels), and other efforts to reduce utility costs and environmental impact.


Roof installation, repair, and maintenance typically require a trained expert. These professionals conduct roof inspections, shingle replacement, leak repairs, gutter installation, and roof restoration to ensure the integrity, durability, and weatherproofing of residential customers' roofs.

These independent home services businesses generate a steady demand from customers, but are often left without the same support and advantages that a commercial floor and textile care business can provide - particularly one that operates under a proven brand like MilliCare.

What Makes a MilliCare Cleaning Franchise Business the Better Option

For entrepreneurs pondering the path to business ownership, the choice between launching a home services venture from scratch and becoming a MilliCare franchise business owner involves several crucial considerations. MilliCare stands out from home services businesses, thanks to our established operations, ability to scale and grow, and robust support system.

Established Brand with the Ability to Scale Operations

MilliCare, a leader in the floor and textile care cleaning business, offers franchise owners the advantage of a recognized brand. This opens doors to significant business-to-business (B2B) opportunities, including access to high-value clients, which a new home services startup may take years to develop. Our brand's strength, built on decades of expertise, provides a trust level that attracts and retains clients, offering a competitive edge that is hard to replicate independently.

Recurring Revenue

MilliCare's franchise model is designed around continuous client relationships and services that foster recurring revenue streams. Our comprehensive range of services, including carpet care, tile and grout care, and enhanced hygiene services, meets a broad spectrum of client needs, setting you up to capitalize on steady demand and a high customer retention rate. This model can provide a predictable and stable income, a significant advantage for any entrepreneur.

Tailored Support

MilliCare is deeply committed to supporting our franchise owners through tailored training, ongoing operational support, and affordable startup costs. This support system, combined with the opportunity for multi-unit ownership and product innovation, offers a structured pathway to business growth and success that starting a business from scratch cannot match.

Ideal for Veterans with Leadership Skills

The qualities that define successful MilliCare franchise owners, such as their client-first focus, proactive problem-solving, and determination to win new business, are closely aligned with the skills and attributes honed by military veterans. The veteran's community focus and leadership abilities make them particularly well-suited to thrive within the MilliCare franchise system.

Choosing to become a MilliCare franchise owner means stepping into a role with established systems, significant growth potential, and the backing of a brand that takes pride in our innovation and excellent customer service. This path offers a compelling alternative to the uncertainties of starting a new business, especially for entrepreneurs who value stability, support, and the power of a reputable brand.Ready to open a MilliCare franchise for yourself? Contact us today, and we’ll share more information about why our franchise opportunity is the right one for you!

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