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millicare Franchise adds Industry Veteran as Brand Launches New Growth Plan

January, 12, 2018
milliCare floor & textile care

Now is the ideal time to join milliCare franchise in the thriving floor care industry

Bill HeltonBecoming a milliCare franchisee makes good financial sense for entrepreneurs who are looking to own a business that is consistently economically viable with enormous profit potential. Our top 25 percent of franchisees do more than $1.7 million a year in revenue. Now is the time to join milliCare as we embark on an aggressive and focused growth and expansion plan, under the new direction of franchising industry veteran Bill Helton.

Helton brings his vast experience and background in franchise development to our company, as we’re ramping up our efforts to add more franchisees to our system. A former multi-unit franchise owner himself, Helton knows the industry inside and out. After almost two decades in franchising, Helton has worked with companies to grow their operations both domestically and internationally.

An excellent opportunity exists with a milliCare franchise, as our existing franchisees are already incredibly successful, even though the brand, to this point, has not been focused specifically on franchise recruitment. With Helton’s hire in April of 2017, franchise recruitment and company growth are now milliCare’s primary objectives.

“I was hired to put in the systems and the process and the infrastructure — everything we needed to start recruiting owners,” explains Helton. “And we have just received a signed agreement for the first that we've sold, which will be a five-unit development deal in India. We’re also working with a candidate in Singapore, so there’s a lot of activity with our brand.”

Why you should open a milliCare commercial floor care franchise

Why should you consider franchising with milliCare? First, the company operates in an industry that’s nearly impervious to the changing economy: commercial floor cleaning and maintenance. “If the economy is booming, that means there is a lot of building going on, which gives us many opportunities with the add-ons to the buildings and the new construction,” says Helton. “If the economy is down, then business owners and facility managers don't want to spend the money to put in new flooring. It's critical to them that their flooring lasts. So with what milliCare provides, we can sometimes double or triple the life of their existing flooring. Either way, milliCare franchisees see steady business, despite the whims of the economy.”

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Second, with no organized national competitor and backed by our incredible parent company, Milliken, milliCare is poised for explosive success. “Milliken is a $2.5 billion company with more than 7,000 patents. One of those is our dry compound, so no one even has access to the technology that we use. We are the only national company that does this.”

Helton’s looking for passionate “people people” to fill his network of franchisees for milliCare. He says, “Our best franchise owners are relationship builders — people who have a background in sales and marketing, who will go out and build relationships with key people in their communities. That would be building owners and facility managers of properties, such as high rises, airports, legal offices, hospitals, medical facilities, schools and banks — really just about any commercial location is a potential customer for us.”

Join milliCare commercial floor care franchise today

milliCare has multiple markets available for development and expansion throughout the United States, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. If you are interested in the milliCare franchise opportunity, we want to talk with you. Find out more by visiting our research pages, and request a copy of our free Franchise Information Report.

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