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Meet Brian Morgan, milliCare's One-Stop Resource for Franchise Owners

July, 19, 2018
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Having an expert available for operations questions helps new and existing franchise owners operate more effectively and efficiently

After working for a milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise owner, then spending time with a competing brand, Brian Morgan joined milliCare’s corporate team as Franchise Business Manager. What does that mean for milliCare franchise owners? That they have an expert on every angle of the business at their disposal, he says.

millicare franchise owner Brian Morgan

What’s your history with milliCare, and how is that valuable to franchise owners?

I worked for [South Carolina franchise owner] Brian Farmer for several years and then moved away to become a project manager with another outfit. When the corporate team reached out, however, I decided to come back to milliCare. That was September 2017, and I have been building relationships with owners and helping them problem-solve ever since. I’ve seen the business from all sides, so I can bring different viewpoints to franchise owners. That’s really valuable when they need a new approach to find the best solution.

What’s your role with the milliCare team?

I act as a subject-matter expert for the franchises when it comes to anything to do with sales, operations and field work. I’ve held all those roles; I began as a tech, I’ve applied all the proprietary chemicals we sell, I’ve run crews and I’ve worked in operations management. I know how to take care of labor and chemical costs so that we protect the earnings at the end of the day. We are working to show everyone how to be profitable, but also how to do sales and marketing. I’ve been on plenty of sales calls, so I have that elevator speech ready. I’m not the guy for all the messaging and lingo, but I can help with presentations and give some advice on how to have a good one-on-one meeting with a client or potential client.

How do the owners interact with you?

They can call, email or ask for a visit. They can ask us anything and I’ll work to be the source for whatever they need. I know the business and I know the processes, so I will connect with them the best way possible to help them frame up their business and deal with whatever is going on. We want them to grow, and I’m here to help with that however I can.

Markets are different, so how can you help owners with unique strategy?

Even though they all have different verticals they are serving, and different growth opportunities, we have a model that is the same across the whole franchise-owner platform. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model, but it does have percentages that focus on pricing, what labor costs should be, what chemical costs should be and other percentages that help build a business plan. By controlling overhead, you can increase earnings and subsequent reinvestment in the business. I always sit down with a franchise owner and look at their numbers, because that helps me see where they are and what we might need to focus on when it comes to regular operations.

What are your biggest challenges?

I have to prioritize. We have more than 70 locations and are growing all the time, so I have to hit the mark with every one of those. I am constantly reaching out to them for information. We have conference calls, so I can collaborate with one or more owners about what’s working, what’s not working and any help they need. One might need help training techs, another may be landing a big, new client and so needs some assistance on managing growth.

I need to be reactive and respond when they need help, but I also want to be proactive and think ahead on major issues. That will help me be a more solid resource, and the franchise owners know they can rely on me no matter what the issue. I want to make sure they know I’m not available just for problem-solving but am around any time they want to bounce an idea off me or get some feedback on something they’re thinking about doing.

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Ranked 206 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise is a business-to-business floor and textile maintenance company, with 70 locations in 29 states and six countries. Our parent company, Milliken & Co., holds more than 7,000 patents in flooring, textiles and floor cleaning — experience and tools milliCare leverages as we carve out a niche in the floor cleaning industry. Startup costs are as low as $106,000 to $150,000, making the potential for high returns remarkable.

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