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Avoid the Hurdles of Starting a Standard Carpet Cleaning Franchise

November, 24, 2023
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Entrepreneurs considering opening a carpet cleaning franchise may realize that carpets are not the only option in commercial cleaning. Floor and textile care services are also in high demand at many commercial properties. This often leads clients to search for a commercial cleaning provider who can address all their challenges in one visit. Our floor care franchise owners have been able to capitalize on this and build a loyal client base.

At MilliCare, we’ve spent the past 25 years creating and developing our unique business model. We aim to provide an option for our franchise owners that is more than what your standard carpet cleaning franchise opportunities offer. As the franchisor, we take our responsibility to MilliCare franchise business owners very seriously. This is evident in how we consistently

  • Innovate our services
  • Provide excellent franchise support and training efforts
  • Assist with operational challenges

MilliCare franchise owners can rely on our relationship to leverage their ability to stand apart from the singularly focused carpet cleaning franchises in their area. They also know that by franchising with MilliCare, they don’t have to handle everything on their own in the same way a traditional small business would.

MilliCare Does More Than Most Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Carpet cleaning is an important service, but there is plenty of demand for other commercial cleaning offerings. MilliCare recognizes this and has adjusted the cleaning services our locations offer clients to match their needs. We offer professional care and cleaning of carpets and textiles that includes fiber protection and odor-solving treatments, as well as tile and grout, and entry matting services. With today’s commercial spaces featuring any number of different textiles and floor coverings, we have the solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

Our attention to detail in terms of looking beyond carpet cleaning to encompass a suite of floor care services with a client-oriented focus is just part of why MilliCare has become the industry's premier floor and textile care brand. Below are the floor care services we offer and how they put new MilliCare franchise owners on the right path.

commercial cleaning franchise opportunity

Resilient Floor Care

The floor of a commercial facility is a significant part of an organization’s image to customers, employees, and the public. The cleanliness and appearance of a building can make as much of an impact on these parties as the brand’s customer service or PR strategy. Many commercial clients recognize this, which is why they frequently turn to MilliCare to address their cleaning needs for their specific type of resilient floor - whether it’s: 

  • Sheet vinyl
  • Rubber flooring
  • Vinyl composition tile
  • Linoleum
  • Flexible vinyl flooring

Entryway Protection Care

A property’s entry and exit points usually attract the most dirt, germs, and messes. This means they should be the focal points of a cleaning strategy – but not every organization is equipped to do so. MilliCare’s trained professionals have the expertise to make a noticeable difference, often earning client loyalty as a result.

Tile and Grout Care

The tiles used in many commercial spaces can certainly be eye-catching. However, clients sometimes find this can work against them if the tile and grout are not regularly treated properly. MilliCare trains each of our franchise owners on a three-step process to implement our proven “3C” system to treat tile and grout effectively:

  • Clean by de-greasing the tile and grout to remove odors and any other debris.
  • Color by applying one of our more than 45 available colors to seal and densify the grout
  • Seal & Coat by sealing the grout with one of MilliCare ’s Performance Coatings to keep moisture and debris out

Carpet and Textile Care

Even with MilliCare's expansive view to focus on a variety of floor and textile care services, we made sure not to forget about carpets. MilliCare franchises are equipped with the resources to utilize our innovative dry care process to treat clients’ carpet and textile surfaces. Dry care takes a gentler approach to keeping carpets fresh without the additional stress and “recovery time” associated with a traditional hot water extraction cleaning process.

Tackling Start-Up Costs

MilliCare also aims to exceed the benefits that entrepreneurs would find in a carpet cleaning business start-up package. Many small carpet care businesses lack access to a resource like this. Instead, many have to assemble materials, equipment, and other resources on their own with almost no additional support.

By joining our team, MilliCare franchise owners can enjoy our start-up package consisting of equipment and materials, with the cost of this package included in the payment provided when the franchise agreement is signed, and we deliver the resources directly to their new location.

Our franchise model and support are hard to duplicate elsewhere, particularly when compared to a small business. With the demand for commercial floor, textile, and carpet care showing no signs of decline, entrepreneurs should look to take advantage of our franchise opportunity soon!

Ready to surpass what most carpet cleaning businesses can do? Contact the MilliCare cleaning franchise team today to request more information and see what we do to help our franchise owners stand out!

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