Reviews From Our Franchise Owners

Our franchise owners know us better than anyone — here’s what they think of our commercial cleaning franchise

When you look at the floor care industry, it’s basically divided into two big sectors: residential floor care franchises and nothing else. Commercial floors are left to janitorial crews to worry about. That’s why milliCare Floor & Textile Care is unique. We’re focused on providing service to the billions of square feet of commercial, retail and governmental spaces in cities around the world.

When it comes to examining business-to-business commercial cleaning franchise opportunities, the rubber meets the road with franchise owner experience. Our owners are leaders in the commercial carpet, floor and textile care industry, and they thrive on helping businesses in their markets extend the life of one of the most valuable assets a company invests in — their floors.

Here’s what a few of our commercial floor care experts have to say about their milliCare franchise experience.

“We’re able to price our services better than anybody else in the industry, because what we do really works and is a little different. Hire better people, pay them more and keep them, which then ensures we keep happy customers on the other end….The greatest part about our financial model is that, because we’re able to do that with our people, and the process we use really delivers the results we say, we keep customers for a long time — a very long time.”

-Chip Rankin, milliCare of Wilmington

“Once you’ve sold a customer and get them on board, they’re going to be your customer for a long time. Typically, our customers stay with us for years. We typically provide some service to them on a regular, ongoing basis — monthly, semiannually.”

-Rick Cranston, milliCare of Montreal

“If you think about it,  you can retain the customer long-term because you have well-trained technicians and an amazing product. You’re not looking at it as just a one-year term. You’re looking long-term. You retain accounts, and you don’t have to resell accounts.”

-Grace Cubarrubia, milliCare of Miami