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Our Innovation Makes Us the Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise

February, 19, 2024
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If you’re searching for the best commercial cleaning franchise to invest in, there’s a number of aspects for you to research to determine which one is the best? Buyer beware: Not all commercial cleaning brands truly have what it takes to be the best.

The first tip is to find a company with a proven history and track record of providing top-rated service - and that typically comes from awards, strong customer rewards, and other recognition. Let the company’s history and customers do the talking! That means, research their clients.  Avoid companies that are “rookies” in the business…or do not identify their customers.  If they seem too good to be true (meaning, it’s all sizzle with very little else behind the curb appeal), it probably is.   

Look for a veteran company with a wide-variety of customers - and happy customers!  MilliCare Floor & Textile Care has served countless businesses and organizations as their go-to choice for commercial cleaning for almost 30 years. Even though we have humble beginnings, our brand has grown and remains competitive within the commercial floor and textile care industry.

Cleaning Is a Valuable Resource for Organizations

The average commercial property needs cleaning regularly so business performance and efficiency do not suffer. So be sure to choose a company that offers a wide variety of services to meet your needs. 

With our unique proprietary services, MilliCare franchise business owners are among the most well-positioned to address the numerous challenges of these commercial facilities. Our clients recognize this and quickly become repeat customers, which is why so many of our franchise owners can rely on recurring revenue to aid their locations’ growth. This commitment to excellent floor care service is just part of what has allowed the MilliCare brand to be known as having the best commercial cleaning franchise opportunity.

We Go Beyond The Standard Commercial Cleaning Franchise

While the market for commercial cleaning franchises continues to grow through urban and suburban development, companies that offer the same basic services are not as appealing to clients in need of more thorough, expansive, and multi-faceted cleaning. The MilliCare team was one of the first in the industry to realize this, and as a result, we began to differentiate our floor care services to better help potential clients.

Most other commercial cleaning companies focus on one or two particular areas. MilliCare, on the other hand, tailors several services to the needs (and budget) of the property manager.  That’s why we offer a more involved cleaning including: 

  • Resilient Floor Care
  • Carpet and Textile Care
  • Enhanced Hygiene Services
  • Tile and Grout Care
  • Entryway Protection Care
  • And more!

There’s More to the MilliCare Franchise Opportunity

As a result of our customer-centric service offerings, the MilliCare brand continues to grow as an appealing franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs. So much so that we have a national presence that extends from coast to coast.  

National Accounts

When clients who own multiple commercial properties recognize our outstanding job at one of their locations, they will be more likely to turn to us again for floor care needs for their businesses in other territories.

Regularly Scheduled Service

Due to the nature of commercial cleaning, many clients need to schedule service from their nearest MilliCare franchise regularly. This gives our franchise owners a clearer picture of what they can expect to earn monthly and yearly. Our history of innovation has played a significant role in helping MilliCare emerge as a top option in the floor care industry for clients and investors alike.

Innovative Approach

We work to stay ahead of commercial cleaning industry trends to improve our offerings and business model, which helps our franchise owners:

  • Meet evolving client needs with unique and tailored service offerings
  • Differentiate themselves in the commercial cleaning industry
  • Improve their efficiency and effectiveness with better training and support for staff
  • Utilize sustainable practices that make a notable difference to the commercial facilities they treat
  • Strengthen their competitive advantages and overall business growth to make the most of their investment

At MilliCare, our team is committed to becoming the preferred destination for floor care services, no matter the size or purpose of the client’s facility. Thanks to our investment in and commitment to improving our franchise opportunities, we firmly believe our client base will continue growing. By consistently partnering with the right franchise owners, MilliCare’s innovation and growth will continue!

Reach out to MilliCare to learn more about our cleaning services franchise and why we are the right floor care franchising investment!

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