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May, 21, 2023
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In many industries, one of the most important tasks a business must accomplish is finding ways to attract new customers – and those who offer cleaning franchise services are no exception. Advertising and other marketing programs are great places to start, but a commercial cleaning business should not expect to complete this mission using those strategies alone. In an industry like this one, the service provided is not just visible to the client but also judged and measured by the feedback provided by a client’s customers and the general public. As a result, quality of service will likely significantly impact how a floor care company is perceived, particularly when it comes to the value of what they offer to clients. This can create an uphill battle for commercial cleaners who utilize a small business model, as they don’t always have the resources to incorporate the cleaning services that clients need most.

MilliCare has been providing top-quality floor care services for the past 25 years, allowing us to earn a stellar reputation with the clients we assist. Thanks to our business-to-business (B2B) national accounts and a strong network of franchise business owners, MilliCare’s brand exposure has climbed to new heights during this time. Consequently, many organizations searching for floor care services to address their commercial cleaning needs have turned to MilliCare. The cleaning franchise services we provide often validate their decision – which is why our team works tirelessly to develop the services we offer to clients and train each new franchise to deliver them in a way that matches our high standards and the expectations of our clients.

What Clients Are Looking for in a Floor Care Franchise

Commercial cleaning is a large market in its own right, but floor care specifically has grown to become a billion-dollar industry. Whatever purpose their business serves, property owners and managers are often tasked with ensuring their commercial space meets certain criteria. These areas where they are judged can include:

  • Sanitary conditions set by health officials
  • The facility’s visual appeal to those who visit it
  • And other areas that can impact their reputation and ability to do business

Many businesses or organizations that occupy commercial space are not cleaning experts in their own right and are often faced with cleaning needs that are too extensive or demanding to be handled by a small staff of janitorial custodians. To deal with their commercial cleaning responsibilities, these groups often instead outsource their floor care and other key cleaning services.

When it comes to franchise brands in this arena, MilliCare has a wide range of services that can address most, if not all, of the needs of potential clients. While other commercial cleaners focus on one or two basic services, MilliCare provides expert floor care in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Textile and Furniture Care
  • Resilient Floor Care
  • Entryway Protection Care
  • Carpet Care
  • Tile & Grout care
  • Enhanced Hygiene Services
  • General Maintenance
  • And plenty more!

Not only do MilliCare services address immediate challenges faced by organizations with commercial spaces, but our efforts can also better prevent these issues from arising again. This can offer greater value to businesses that sign on with us, as their day-to-day operations face less disruption.

How MilliCare Helps Our Franchise Owners

While floor care holds significant potential for business owners, it is still somewhat of a niche area to specialize in. This leads some to think that they are not qualified to own a floor care franchise because they don't come from a cleaning background or have special certifications. At MilliCare, we have worked with a number of franchise business owners who started with us despite being completely new to the industry. Our training and support programs are designed to help them catch up to speed with everything they need to know as a MilliCare franchise owner.

Our training incorporates background information on the MilliCare brand, the services we provide and how we implement them at each commercial space we treat, and the specific ways we service the different types of clients we have. Unlike other franchisors, we don’t just cut our franchise owners loose once they have opened for business. The MilliCare team offers a variety of support efforts to help each Millicare franchise location reach its potential.

In many cases, a business is only as strong as the services it provides. MilliCare takes this to heart as we help each franchise business owner that partners with us deliver floor care services that can impress clients and stand out from other commercial cleaners. We also bring that same level of dedication to the quality of the training and support we provide to give our franchise owners as much of an advantage in the floor care market as possible!

Want to see the difference our floor care services make for franchisees? Contact the MilliCare cleaning services franchise team today and find out for yourself!

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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