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Myths of the Saturated Commercial Cleaning Franchise Market

December, 19, 2023
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Entrepreneurs looking to enter a booming industry have many options that they can pursue within the commercial cleaning franchise market. One option is investing in their own cleaning business venture – but not every opportunity has the same growth potential.

The overall growth of the floor care industry recently has led to saturation in the market. Professionals from all backgrounds have recognized the demand that exists for floor and textile cleaning. However, they are often left with many questions as they try to “beat the rush” of those starting new commercial cleaning businesses, such as “How much does a cleaning business make a year?” 

MilliCare has earned our place among the best commercial cleaning franchises thanks to our many years of delivering top-quality floor and textile care. We’ve been able to leverage our brand reputation and experience to help new business owners who opt to franchise with us.

Our intimate knowledge of floor and textile care allows us to help clear up some myths that are prevalent in the industry. In this blog, we’ll examine some of the common myths we hear from those considering starting their own franchises in the commercial cleaning industry.

Your Franchises Only Service Traditional Office Buildings

There are many kinds of commercial properties that require frequent floor and textile care beyond just office spaces full of cubicles and desks. As such, we empower MilliCare franchise owners to assist a wide variety of clients in their areas with their commercial cleaning needs.

Some examples of commercial spaces that our franchise owners frequently service include:

  • Retail stores
  • Airports
  • Convention centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Law offices
  • Financial institutions
  • And plenty more!

The Competition Makes It Impossible to Succeed as a Franchisee

While the market saturation may seem daunting, MilliCare franchise business owners can be confident in their chances of success. Most contracts we sign with clients are long-term deals for recurring floor and textile services. This recurring revenue means our franchise owners can have a clearer outlook on their business performance.

We are also unique in the commercial cleaning franchise industry because we maintain a widespread presence through national accounts. Customers with national accounts have commercial spaces located across the country – so the exceptional work of one MilliCare franchise can benefit franchise owners in other locations. These customers utilize MilliCare franchises in different territories to service all of their properties.

You Need an Army of Technicians to Build the Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Most MilliCare franchise owners only need to hire one or two floor care technicians to get their businesses started. From there, they can steadily add more technicians to their staff as they scale up.

We aim to strike a balance at each franchise where staff headcount stays low while still giving franchise owners the necessary flexibility to manage their locations’ sales and operations.

Ideally, we aim for each MilliCare franchise location to employ three to five full-time technicians as the business grows. We help train new hires as they join our team so that they are capable of meeting the service standards that clients have come to expect from MilliCare.

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The Profit Potential Is Limited for Cleaning Franchises

As with many businesses, a floor care franchise can generate strong returns if owners are invested not just financially but also in the day-to-day operations. Our most successful franchise owners are often actively involved in all aspects of their MilliCare locations.

MilliCare’s variety of services also makes a big difference compared to standard carpet cleaning businesses. While carpet cleaning does generate plenty of demand, profits are limited if a company exclusively treats carpets.

MilliCare’s broader focus on floor and textile care helps us solve a number of commercial cleaning challenges that our clients regularly face. The unique services that our franchises provide include the following:

  • Resilient floor care
  • Carpet and textile care
  • Tile and grout care
  • Entryway protection care
  • Enhanced hygiene services

Those looking for a franchisor who can bust the myths surrounding the commercial cleaning industry should strongly consider MilliCare. We structure our business model to give our franchise owners the best chance of becoming the top choice for commercial floor care in their areas! 

Reach out to our team today, and we can help you find the answers to your floor care industry questions while gaining a better understanding of the MilliCare franchise opportunity!

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