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milliCare Floor & Textile Care Franchise Enters a New Era of Growth and Expansion

April, 10, 2009
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Our commercial floor and textile care franchise is transforming the industry

More than thirty years ago, when customers installed Milliken & Co. carpet, within just a few years, that carpet didn’t look as good as when they bought it. Between heavy foot traffic and janitors ill-equipped to care for carpet, the product didn’t weather well. milliCare changed all of that with our proprietary dry polymer extraction process. Then, as the commercial floor industry shifted to hard surfaces, milliCare began to offer new solutions for performance surfaces.

Today, milliCare Floor & Textile Care is fully rounded business, with around 7 revenue streams. At the same time, our parent company has renewed their commitment to making milliCare the premier commercial floor and textile care franchise and invested significant resources into attracting new franchise owners — this time from outside Milliken & Co.

“Milliken & Co. has made a huge investment in milliCare’s franchise infrastructure and human resources,” says Bill Helton, Director of Franchise Development for milliCare. “In addition to developing new products and processes to support our existing franchises, we’ve also added a national sales director to pursue national accounts and a managing director with decades of experience both in franchising and in the floor cleaning industry. It’s a really exciting time for our company.”

Now under the guidance of a top-shelf team of franchise experts from the floor cleaning industry, milliCare is ready to grow. We have a proven business model and the proven team to support it.

If you’re wanting to grow professionally and think the challenge of building a business is right for you, then milliCare is the franchise you’re looking for. Owning and operating a milliCare floor and textile care franchise is a great fit for someone looking for a B2B company that can generate client relationships that are measured in decades.

With 70 franchises in 29 states and six countries, milliCare has laid a strong foundation for growth and expansion as we seek new markets. Investing in milliCare is remarkably affordable.

Bring milliCare to your community today

Owning a milliCare franchise is an affordable business opportunity, with startup costs beginning at just $106,200. Download our free franchise information report, or apply to become the next milliCare franchise owner today.

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
Premiere Floor and Textile Care Company
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