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How We Help You Get Started in the Floor Care Industry

April, 12, 2023
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When looking to start a new business, some entrepreneurs feel that they must pursue an opportunity in an area in which they have prior experience. In fact, many people looking to start a business in the floor care industry often find this to be their biggest barrier to entry. They typically consider starting a commercial cleaning franchise to be a technical and nuanced business venture that is only worth investing in if they have already spent most of their careers in the industry. If you share the same hesitations about the floor and textile care industry, you need not worry. Partnering with an established brand, such as MilliCare, can give you everything you need to build a business with plenty of growth potential.

Your doubts about starting a business in the floor care industry might have greater validity if you followed a traditional small business model. By instead franchising with a well-regarded brand like MilliCare Floor & Textile Care, you’ll have a great chance of becoming a pro cleaner who can win over potential clients with outstanding service before even opening your new business. MilliCare has served as the industry standard for both our franchise business owners and their clients for over 25 years, and we have no plans of settling for anything less. Much of this success is due to how we prepare franchise candidates like you for your new life as a MilliCare franchise business owner by providing you with best practices, supportive resources, and industry insights that would be difficult to find on your own.

Our Transparent Process Sets Every Franchise Owner Up for the Floor Care Industry Success

One major reason why those who franchise with MilliCare have a leg up on the competition is thanks to our ownership process. Each of our franchise business owners has taken a unique career path before partnering with MilliCare, but our franchising process ensures they will all receive guidance and resources to build their new business. Our process is designed to remove obstacles that would normally limit your chances of successfully opening a commercial cleaning business while bolstering your confidence in choosing MilliCare as your franchisor. As long as you are financially qualified to open a floor care franchise, we will do everything possible to ensure you are fully prepared for life as a MilliCare franchise business owner in a growing and recession-resistant industry.

Our franchise process begins as soon as you inquire about opening a MilliCare location on our website. Once you submit your contact information, we will grant you access to our Free Information Report, so you can take a deeper dive into the MilliCare brand and our franchise opportunity. If you like what you see and want to continue, a franchise development representative from MilliCare will reach out via phone and you can ask any questions you have about our brand. Through this discussion, we will work together to determine if our goals and objectives align.

Assuming they do, our team will next send over a copy of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD gives you a more detailed look at MilliCare’s history, franchise investment costs, management team, and plenty more essential information to help you make your decision. We encourage you to review our FDD with your legal counselor and ask any questions that you have regarding becoming a MilliCare franchise business owner.

After you’ve reviewed the FDD, you will be invited to a “Discovery Day” at either our corporate office or one of our owner's site locations to meet the members of the MilliCare team. This visit will give you direct visibility into our operations in action, along with hands-on experience and further details on how our team will support you as a MilliCare franchise business owner. MilliCare representatives will present all of the information on the benefits of our franchise partners and explain how we stack up against the rest of the industry. Once you are ready to come on board, you’ll sign your franchise agreement and officially become a MilliCare franchise business owner.

Our work on your behalf does not end once you’ve signed on. Next, you’ll begin our comprehensive training program which will fully immerse you in your responsibilities as a MilliCare franchise owner, and will also familiarize you with the industry.  Even after you’ve officially opened for business, our team offers support efforts to help your franchise operate at maximum efficiency. It’s just part of the reason why MilliCare has become a top name in the market – and why you should feel confident about your chances of success as our franchise partner.

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