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How Much Does a Cleaning Business Make a Year: A Round-Up of Expenses

October, 21, 2023
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There is no shortage of opportunities for success in the cleaning industry. Naturally, almost every entrepreneur looking to enter the commercial cleaning market will be wondering, “How much does a cleaning business make a year?” Yet, the earnings of a commercial cleaning business can be difficult to project - especially before officially opening the business. While client demand in the industry has remained consistently high, so has competition from other entrepreneurs and brands seeking to become the top choice for cleaning services.

Entrepreneurs who are familiar with the commercial cleaning industry landscape are often more inclined to pursue franchise opportunities. However, not every franchise is the same, and the brand you choose to work with can significantly impact your chances of success. When it comes to floor care, you will want to franchise with a brand that has a successful and well-known track record with both investors and clients.

MilliCare has become one of the top cleaning service franchises over the course of our 25+ years in the industry. Each MilliCare franchise owner receives comprehensive training and access to resources that position them for success, even in the most competitive markets. 

A Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise Offers Promise

Of course, the amount of money a cleaning business makes is dependent on a variety of factors. Businesses across many industries can build momentum from the start if they are backed by people who are willing to invest a significant amount of money. However, generating immediate revenue will not do you much good if your initial expenses far outweigh that revenue.

This is why the MilliCare team has taken great care in setting up a low-cost cleaning franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs like you. We know, thanks to our many years in the industry, that high initial expenses can derail a franchise’s path to profitability. MilliCare aims to help our franchise business owners build sustainable and well-performing locations by minimizing their start-up costs where possible. The costs you can expect to incur when starting a MilliCare franchise include the following:

Commercial cleaning business provides various services to help companies to be safe with their employees.

Franchise Fee

Like nearly every franchise opportunity, MilliCare requires a one-time payment from new owners when they sign the franchise agreement. MilliCare’s franchise fee is $49,000 and compares favorably to many other commercial cleaning brands. Entrepreneurs who pursue multi-unit opportunities with MilliCare are eligible to receive a discount on their franchise fee for each additional location they open with us. The franchise fee is used to cover a number of critical operations, inventory procurement, and resources necessary for a new location. Each MilliCare owner can leverage the investment to quickly earn a reputation as the top floor and textile care provider for commercial clients in the area.

Training Expenses

Each MilliCare franchise business owner is required to complete our comprehensive training program before opening their doors. This training familiarizes owners with industry best practices and the specific methods and services that make MilliCare the preferred cleaning service provider for our clients. These expenses are utilized for airfare, hotels, restaurants, and other resources throughout the training process.

Company Location and Vehicle

Each MilliCare franchise needs a facility to use as its “home base” and a vehicle with our branding on it to travel to client properties. The initial expenses cover the following:

  • The first three months of rent for your headquarters
  • The first three months of costs for your vehicle (gas, maintenance, lease, insurance, etc.)
  • Additional tenant improvements to your headquarters
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Cleaning Equipment and Materials

MilliCare provides our franchise business owners with a start-up package of cleaning equipment that they can use to service their initial clients. Our products are among the highest rated in the industry and play an invaluable role in the quality of service we are known for delivering to clients. MilliCare franchise owners will receive all the tools they need to continue impressing clients after paying a one-time fee.

The overall cost to open a MilliCare franchise is typically under $155,000 - a lower cost compared to many other floor care business options. The significant demand for floor care services combined with MilliCare’s great reputation with commercial clients means that franchising with us should give you a strong chance to earn substantial returns on your investment year after year.

Want to learn more about the earning potential of a MilliCare business? Contact our team to learn more about our company and discuss our franchise opportunity today!

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