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Franchise Financing Can Elevate Your Floor Care Business

October, 11, 2023
Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise that helps save customers money

The cost of starting a new business is a primary consideration for most entrepreneurs. Franchise financing can offer a more affordable path for new business owners looking to begin their next venture.

Those who follow a traditional small business model are often forced to handle all of their business expenses on their own. This can leave entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed without the support of an established brand to rely on.

Those who opt to franchise instead know that the company they partner with will help them make the most of their initial investment. Experienced franchisors can guide new owners as they work together in setting up the franchise with positive momentum.

MilliCare offers a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity with more advantages than most others in the industry. It all begins with our outstanding reputation with commercial clients in need of our floor and textile care services.

Our well-rounded approach gives franchise owners the ability to address nearly every common obstacle that commercial property managers face when deciding to outsource floor care.

MilliCare franchise owners can build their own paths to growth thanks to our affordable franchise financing, superior cleaning services, and loyal customer base.

Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise that helps save customers money

What Our Startup Costs Cover

The MilliCare investment cost* structure targets the following areas that will help you build positive momentum in the crucial early days of your new business:

  • Training expenses (including travel and lodging): $2,000
  • Start-up package of equipment and materials: $32,500
  • Vehicle expenses (including lease, maintenance, fuel, and insurance): $3,000
  • Location building (including three months’ rent and tenant improvements): Between $1,300-$11,500
  • Computer equipment: Between $1,000-$2,500
  • Suggested additional funding: Between $25,000-$40,000

Including our initial franchise fee of $49,000, your total cost to open a new MilliCare location can range from $128,800 to $155,500. Our startup costs are designed to help you hit the ground running once your new location opens, without overextending your financial capabilities.

How Our Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise Stands Out

MilliCare’s low-cost cleaning franchise has emerged as a strong investment opportunity for business owners. Our franchise model is a major reason why entrepreneurs choose to open a MilliCare location.

Our startup costs are designed to put new franchises on the right path so they can earn clients’ loyalty quickly. With so many commercial cleaning options available for clients to choose from, it’s important that MilliCare franchise owners can stand out from the crowd.

The commercial cleaning industry offers myriad opportunities and benefits to potential franchise owners, such as the following:

Consistent Demand for Services

Various types of commercial properties, including office buildings, airports, medical facilities, and hospitality venues require frequent floor care.

This steady demand can help to clean businesses establish a reliable customer base and consistent revenue streams.

Proven Operating Procedures

Commercial cleaning is a service that has been widely used for many years. Due to our long-standing presence in the industry, MilliCare has developed best practices that can assist new owners and help reduce their initial learning curve.

It also means that they don’t need to have experience in floor care to feel confident in their franchise’s chances of success.

Specialized Services

A brand that offers well-rounded services has more potential upside for new commercial cleaning franchise locations. Each of your customers will have unique cleaning challenges that they need their outsourced provider to resolve.

Companies that provide a more comprehensive set of floor and textile care services that go beyond the basics will have a better chance of attracting commercial clients.

Scalability and Potential for Growth

The commercial cleaning industry is scalable because of the long-term nature of contracts that clients typically sign with cleaning professionals.

This gives cleaning businesses a more accurate read on their potential future earnings, so they can adjust their operations as their business continues to grow. As floor care franchise owners expand their client base, they can scale up by also hiring more skilled technicians. 

commercial cleaning franchise opportunity

The industry’s growth potential allows entrepreneurs to capitalize on their initial investment and gradually progress to a higher level of performance as a business.

While an initial investment is required to start your business, the costs of a MilliCare carpet cleaning franchise are worth it has given our position in a growing industry.

We firmly believe that our franchise opportunity has what it takes to earn the trust of potential clients and help our franchise business owners accomplish the goals they set when first investing with us!

Want more details about the franchising costs to starting a MilliCare business? Contact our team today, and we’ll set up a time to discuss financing with you!

*All investment cost numbers are according to our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and are on a per-location basis

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