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Our Brand Offers One of the Best Franchises for Veterans

October, 06, 2023
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Veterans often search for a business venture that fits the skills they developed during their military service. Although not widely known, certain industries' preferred skill sets often overlap those held by veterans. With the dedication and leadership veterans bring, it only follows that certain franchises in the commercial floor care sector, namely MilliCare, are among those that offer the best franchises for veterans.

Veterans, like most entrepreneurs, however, will want to franchise with a brand that is the best of the best and has a proven track record of success. With so many commercial cleaning options to choose from, it’s important to find one with enough differentiators to stand out from the rest.

MilliCare’s top franchise opportunities for veterans are among the best in the commercial cleaning sector and the overall market for a variety of reasons. We value that the key characteristics we look for in franchise owners are those same qualities that are heavily emphasized in the military. 

With that knowledge, we also recognize that these skill sets are transferable, and any veteran searching for a civilian career that will rightfully harness their experience is a great fit for our business model. MilliCare offers a specific program for veteran franchisees that makes their steps to franchising seamless by allowing them to leverage a variety of benefits to help get their new franchise location(s) up and operating quickly with positive momentum.

commercial floor care franchise marketing support

How MilliCare Builds Top Franchises for Veterans

At MilliCare, we take pride in building some of the top franchises for veterans in today’s business market. Our veterans’ franchise opportunity offers the following benefits to those who wish to join our team as a franchise business owner:

  • A $5,000 discount (per location) on the franchise fee to open your MilliCare business
  • Specifically tailored training and support resources to help you with your transition into a civilian career
  • Opportunities to form tight-knit relationships with members of the MilliCare team to help you with any challenges you face with your floor and textile care business
  • Reduced startup costs if you choose to pursue multi-unit franchise opportunities with MilliCare

The MilliCare team recognizes that some veterans struggle to find a civilian career that satisfies their need to tap into the same energy and purpose their military career afforded them. Our franchise business model is designed to help veterans like you begin their new life with confidence and a clear outlook on how their MilliCare business will perform.

Common Veteran Traits That Lead to Success in Our Commercial Floor Care Franchise Business

Another aspect that other military veterans find attractive in the MilliCare franchise opportunity is not needing prior experience in cleaning. Our comprehensive training familiarizes each new MilliCare franchise owner with their responsibilities and daily schedule. We also help them learn about our innovative approach to floor and textile care, sharing best practices that can help take them to the top of the industry.

The MilliCare team has helped countless veterans and other entrepreneurs who haven’t worked in commercial cleaning before. Our proprietary compound gives MilliCare franchise owners a valuable leg up on the competition. They can leverage it by offering a wider variety of useful floor care services – which helps us maintain a client retention rate of over 90 percent.

Some of the traits that we look for in MilliCare franchise owners that are often present in veterans include:

A Desire to Help Communities

Commercial floor care is about more than just basic cleaning. It involves protecting the health and well-being of those in the facilities we treat. It also improves the reputation of the organizations we work with – which can extend to the entire community as a whole.

Veterans recognize the importance of helping their neighbors, particularly with services that require a trained hand. Most organizations do not have the internal expertise to maintain a professionally clean environment in their commercial buildings. That is where a MilliCare franchise can come to the rescue and make an invaluable contribution.

Determination to Tackle Challenges

Certain clients have specific sanitary regulations and guidelines their commercial properties must follow. Many of these clients will be searching for floor care professionals who can handle this on their behalf. This allows them to focus on other critical business-related parts of their workday, while MilliCare owners ensure their facility meets the necessary cleanliness standards.

Some clients also require our franchise owners to complete their work within a certain timeframe or deadline. Franchise owners who relish the chance to deliver positive outcomes in unusual circumstances can find that MilliCare positions them well to do exactly that.

The MilliCare team is eager to prove why we deserve our reputation for offering one of the best franchises for veterans. We look forward to adding new members from many backgrounds to our brand family and delivering our difference-making floor care services to clients around the country.

Are you a former military member in search of the right career to help with your transition to civilian life? Reach out to us today to learn more information about MilliCare’s specific cleaning franchise opportunity for veterans!

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