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Top Franchising Benefits That Small Businesses Won't Find

May, 14, 2023
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Some entrepreneurs looking to start their own floor care and commercial cleaning business might think that the advantages of following the traditional small business route outweigh franchising benefits. Whether they want greater control over the decision-making process for the business or they’re unaware of other options in the market, they feel a small business model is the best investment choice for them. However, choosing to franchise as part of a well-known brand can elevate a new venture in ways that would be more difficult to accomplish for most small businesses. Not only does franchising grant each new franchisee access to a brand name with a firmly established persona and customer base, many franchisors commonly provide:

  • Operational support
  • Training on industry best practices
  • Marketing efforts to promote individual franchise locations and the overall brand
  • And many more helpful resources!

While franchising can significantly boost a business, it is not a guaranteed path to success nor to generating a strong return on investment. To set themselves up to achieve these things through their franchise business, these entrepreneurs should ensure they are partnering with the right franchisor. The team at MilliCare Textile & Floor Care has firmly established ourselves as a top franchising option for entrepreneurs looking to enter our industry.

Having started in the commercial cleaning space over 25 years ago, we have worked to build the best possible franchise business model to meet and exceed the expectations of franchise business owners and their clients alike. As a B2B franchise, MilliCare franchise business owners are positioned to realize the strong demand that exists in floor care from commercial organizations who need these services but lack the technical knowledge and cleaning resources to handle them on their own.

Why Choose to Franchise with MilliCare

The franchising benefits of partnering with an industry leader like MilliCare can raise the growth potential of a new business beyond what one could reasonably expect from a traditional small business. Some of the top reasons to invest in a franchise rather than a small business include:

Ability to leverage a proven business model – When setting up a small business, it can be difficult to accurately project potential growth – which can also make it harder to scale the business if that growth is achieved. Most brands that offer franchising opportunities have already completed that journey. Their business model often provides the capability to help new franchise owners progress through each growth stage themselves.

Better protection from disaster scenarios

It is very rare to find any business that’s guaranteed not to fail, but small businesses are typically more vulnerable to the threat of that outcome than franchise businesses. Franchisors have experience dealing with many different types of economic conditions, levels of customer demand, and other business considerations. This is another area where finding the right brand to franchise with is key, as the best franchisors will structure their investment cost to prevent entrepreneurs from overextending their finances and other resources when starting the new franchise business.

Pre-opening training programs

Small business owners are usually entirely reliant on themselves, particularly when it comes to preparing to open their new business. Franchise owners, on the other hand, can utilize training programs set up by their franchisor to ensure they are ready for their grand opening. These programs typically include information on the brand’s persona and operations, industry best practices, and the profile of clients they are likely to service, including their specific needs and expectations.

Greater exposure and awareness with customers

Small businesses are often limited to a handful of locations at most, on the rare occasions where there is more than one location under their brand name. Franchising provides an advantage in this aspect because a strong network of franchise locations will help raise the profile of each current location as well as those that open in the future.

Of course, this can also go in the wrong direction if the other locations are building negative reputations with customers, meaning that other locations would be more likely to suffer the results of “bad press” while operating under that brand’s name. Not only does MilliCare hold one of the strongest client retention rates in the floor care industry, but our franchise business owners also have access to national B2B accounts. This can mean that the stellar work of a MilliCare location in one territory can help another MilliCare business in a different territory with the same account! It’s just one of the many ways that MilliCare proves why franchising with us is the right decision for entrepreneurs expecting strong benefits for their new floor care business.

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