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3 Reasons to Invest in a milliCare Floor and Textile Care Franchise

December, 14, 2017
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milliCare franchise offers entrepreneurs an excellent business opportunity with high profit potential

For entrepreneurs looking for a sound investment with high potential, milliCare floor and textile care franchise offers a great opportunity. A milliCare franchise is in high demand, is quickly scalable and there’s little organized in the marketplace for the type of work we do.


“milliCare franchise owners quickly learn that business owners and facility managers need our services to maintain their buildings’ floors at optimal performance,” says Steve Willis, Managing Director for milliCare. “They typically rely on the janitors to shampoo the carpet every once in awhile, but this isn’t sufficient. With milliCare, they know they’re getting the most out of both their cleaning dollars and the investment they made in their flooring. In fact, we have case studies showing that milliCare can more than double the life of some carpets.”

Demand for milliCare’s services will grow as more large commercial spaces like hotels, convention centers, office complexes and airports seek out a way to care for their flooring investment, often one of the most significant costs associated with the building.

milliCare franchise offers great profit potential

A milliCare franchise is an affordable business to own with start-up costs ranging from $106,000 to $150,000. Business owners and facilities managers often become long-term clients, signing service contracts that range from $200 to $2 million. Obviously, the return on investment can come quickly when franchisees generate that amount of recurring revenue.

Owning a milliCare franchise is virtually recession proof. In any financial environment, there’s demand for milliCare, which translates into potential profit.

“If the economy is booming, that means there is a lot of building going on, which gives us many opportunities with the add-ons to the buildings and the new construction,” says Bill, Director of Franchise Development for milliCare. “If the economy is down, then business owners and facility managers don't want to spend the money to put in new flooring. It's critical to them that their flooring lasts. So with what milliCare provides, we can sometimes double or triple the life of their existing flooring. Either way, milliCare franchisees see steady business, despite the whims of the economy.”

In fact, the top quarter of milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchises averaged $1.7 million per territory in revenue in the fiscal year ended November 27, 2016, according to our latest FDD, and many of our franchise owners operate two, three or more territories.

Little to no competition means opportunity for milliCare franchisees in the market

No single national competitor in the commercial floor care space exists, throwing wide open growth opportunity for milliCare franchisees.

Our parent company, Milliken & Co., is a multi-billion dollar company that has been environmentally involved for more than 140 years. When you become a milliCare franchisee, you join a unique, thriving, established corporation that has a longstanding relationship to new product development. That’s apparent in the more than 7,000 patents Milliken owns. We’re continually evolving to meet the demands of the floor care industry so that you can provide the best service possible to your clients.

Now is the time to join milliCare franchise

If you’re interested in opening a milliCare franchise to service the commercial buildings in your area, we want to talk with you. Download our free franchise information report, or request more information about becoming the next milliCare franchise owner today.

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