Who Makes a Good Franchise Owner?

Our commercial floor care franchise is ideal for B2B specialists

Many of our most successful owners worked in B2B sales before joining our commercial floor care franchise team. Others have operational experience managing businesses or sales teams. Several even started out as milliCare technicians.

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If you’re wanting to grow professionally and think the challenge of building a business is right for you, then milliCare is the franchise you’re looking for. Owning and operating a milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise is a great fit for someone looking for a B2B company that can generate client relationships that are measured in decades.

We believe milliCare is a great fit for entrepreneurs of many stripes and all different experience levels. Here are just a couple of ways that previous sales and management experience can come into play.

Sales professionals understand the art of the long sell

That’s in part because B2B sales professionals understand that selling products and services to a business isn’t a transactional affair. It’s a relationship, built on trust over years of working together to find the ideal solution for each problem as it arises.


“The relationships you build in milliCare are vital,” says Richard Cranston, a multiunit owner in Montreal, Quebec. “Once you’ve sold a customer and get them on board, they’re going to be your customer for a long time. Typically, our customers stay with us for years.”

Becoming a successful milliCare franchisee requires an individual with the tenacity for pursuing sales, a desire to solve the client’s problems and the insight to see those potential problems before they crop up in the first place

Operations management experience is a plus

When it comes to growing a business, knowing how to schedule and manage employees is a great skill. While sales experience is definitely a plus, so is operations management experience. That’s where operations managers excel with milliCare.

“Most of my day is spent doing more strategic work, working with customers, and with the largest, I often serve as their account manager,” says Rick Devane, who owns multiple territories in the state of Florida. Rick believes he’s mainly in the people business, making sure the people are happy with what milliCare is doing, providing facilities with tools they need to operate at a high level. “It does give me a lot of flexibility now to work on what I want to work on. That’s a nice role to have.”

Rick is the CEO, and that means he manages his team, frequently jumping in wherever he’s needed to fill virtually any role in his organization. Effective leadership is a key component of long-term growth with milliCare, and entrepreneurs like Rick know how to excel.