How Do We Acquire Customers?

Wherever there’s a commercial space with a floor, that’s a potential customer

Commercial floor care isn’t a traditional carpet shampoo business where you charge $99 for three rooms. Instead, it’s an ongoing relationship between your company and theirs to provide a level of service that goes far beyond “we clean carpet.” With milliCare Floor & Textile Care, maintaining floors and cleaning textiles becomes an integral part of the client’s operation.

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Better still, as commercial flooring continues to evolve, so does milliCare. We are able to leverage the significant resources of Milliken & Co., our parent company, to remain at the cutting edge of floor care and maintenance. That means long-term growth potential both in terms of clients and revenues.

“I believe that we could double our business in our existing territories,” says Chip Rankin, a milliCare owner in Wilmington, Delaware. “It might take 10 more years, but I don’t mind. We’re still growing with the new products Milliken has come out with. The longer we stay in these markets, we find more and more customers for our core business — which is carpet maintenance.”

milliCare Floor & Textile Care is more than just carpet

When we added performance coatings, that opened the door to industrial facilities and hospitals — two commercial spaces that don’t typically have a lot of carpet. Retailers and high-traffic businesses immediately recognize the value of our entryway systems, which keep dirt out of the building to begin with.

While carpet cleaning and maintenance does form the foundation of our business, it’s by far not the only thing we do. That’s why commercial clients from dozens of industries in almost any kind of commercial space rely on milliCare to help maximize the value of their flooring investment.

Best of all, new markets and new products are emerging every year. So your list of potential clients continues to grow with your business.

From shopping malls to city halls, milliCare is there

The next time you’re out running errands, consider the flooring you see. If you’re making a deposit at the bank, look down and take a look at the carpet. Dropping off paperwork to your lawyers? Consider their flooring.

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When it’s time for a check up, there’s that gleaming, clean floor. And on your way out, notice the fabric panel cube walls the staff tack photos onto. Those are all surfaces milliCare Floor & Textile Care can clean, protect and maintain.

You’ll call on business owners, service providers such as lawyers or doctors, facilities managers and even government officials. Some of our biggest clients are municipal airports and city-owned civic centers.

The demand is there. You just have to fill it.