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Why You Should Consider a Floor and Textile Care Franchise

April, 19, 2023
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In today’s business world, consumers are more concerned than ever about the cleanliness of the places they visit to spend their money. This generates strong demand for the services of a floor and textile care franchise, which can easily address the commercial cleaning challenges of most organizations. The floor care industry presents a growing market for entrepreneurs to enter and properly address these responsibilities that most organizations do not have the resources to handle independently. Choosing a franchise allows you to partner with an established brand and take advantage of the brand recognition and support that you would not have access to as a traditional small business. However, choosing just any brand to work with isn’t always enough – you should find a franchisor with a strong track record in the floor care market, like MilliCare.

For the past 25 years, MilliCare Floor & Textile Care has served commercial clients in a way that stands out from most others in the floor care market. The reputation that the MilliCare brand has been building since our first day in business has helped many of our franchise business owners become the top floor and textile care option for organizations in their area. Our franchise process, training program, and support resources give you everything that you need to start strong in the commercial cleaning industry. With so many potential clients in need of services like yours and MilliCare’s unique way of reaching them, you can be confident that you’ll be successful with your new franchise.

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An Industry Full of Potential for a Floor and Textile Care Franchise Owner

While some may describe floor care as a niche market, it is nearly impossible to deny its importance to the daily operations of businesses around the globe. Customers, employees, and other visitors frequently judge the quality of a business based, in part, on the observable cleanliness of its building or worksite. Therefore, it is critical to these organizations that they properly care for the appearance of the areas where their staff and customers regularly spend time. Their main roadblock to achieving this goal is that they often lack the technical capabilities and knowledge to handle these responsibilities on their own.

As a result, these businesses frequently turn to floor and textile care companies that can send dedicated expert technicians to their facilities. The demand for commercial cleaning services has been surging for some time now with little signs of slowing down. Just take a look at a few of the statistics that indicate how much potential currently exists for those who own a floor care franchise:

  • $200 billion: Approximate square footage of commercial property in the United States
  • $1 billion: Money spent by businesses on outsourced floor care
  • $6 billion: Market size for US carpet cleaning services
  • $100 billion: Janitorial services market size

Not only is this indicative of the volume of demand in the floor care industry, but it also offers a glimpse into how much American businesses are willing to spend to address their commercial cleaning needs. With such a focus on this area, companies will be looking for a floor care and textile franchise near their worksite that can offer the best service possible.

How MilliCare Stands Out

Even though their need for these services is significant, it is unlikely that businesses will choose to contract with just any average floor care professional. They will want to find a team that is capable of treating the specific needs and meeting the standards required by their facility. As a MilliCare franchisee, you will have a better chance of being able to separate yourself from the pack in many regards. This is because of the way our franchise business model is set up and how we support you through our training programs and even after you sign on.

While other commercial cleaners are more limited in the services that they offer to clients, you can provide everything they need in one visit from your technicians. Some notable examples of the specific services your MilliCare franchise can offer include:

  • Textile care
  • Carpet and floor care
  • Tile and grout care
  • Performance Coating
  • Protective care
  • General maintenance and much more

Combining the existing industry demand from clients with our unique, varied commercial cleaning offering gives you a floor and textile care franchise opportunity, unlike most others in today’s market. This will give you a better chance of being a successful franchise owner by realizing the industry’s growth potential compared to running your own traditional small business – something that many MilliCare franchise business owners have benefitted from. Interested in franchising with MilliCare? Reach out to our team to learn more information about our franchise opportunity today!

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