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Why MilliCare Is the Leader in Floor and Textile Care

June, 12, 2023

Opening a new floor and textile care business can certainly seem appealing to many entrepreneurs like yourself. The extensive services these cleaning franchise industry businesses provide are not only in high demand but also offer new owners reliable revenue streams.

However, not all businesses in the commercial cleaning industry have the same growth potential or opportunity to win over clients. Commercial property managers often search out big-name floor care brands – particularly if they have multiple properties that require professional cleaning services making it difficult for those following a traditional small business model to compete with established brands in the commercial cleaning market.

It's encouraging to know, however, that you can still find the right floor care opportunity if you partner with the right franchise brand. Over the past 25 years, MilliCare has built a strong reputation with our franchise business owners and commercial clients alike.

With a suite of services that is more well-rounded than those of our competitors, our franchise business owners have a better chance of becoming the one-stop destination for commercial cleaning needs. Thanks to our widespread expansion, we've widened our net to include a host of potential commercial property managers interested in our services. We’ve helped drive strong results for investors and are confident we can do the same for you and your new floor and textile care franchise.

Diverse Services Help Us Stand Out

Even if you are entirely new to the world of commercial cleaning, you will have likely noticed the industry’s high level of demand. Many businesses and organizations that operate from a commercial space need professional cleaning services for a number of reasons. Some common ones include:

Setting and meeting professional standards

Tenants, customers, and other guests who travel to their property may be unwilling to do business with an organization that has an unsightly facility. Business owners know that few others can provide the kind of cleaning services that a top franchise like MilliCare can. As such, they frequently turn to us to match the professional standard they and their customers set for their organization.

Their lack of in-house expertise

Most businesses aren't equipped to handle the sizable responsibility of cleaning an entire commercial property, whether due to staffing shortages or lack of expertise. MilliCare’s decorated track record proves we are fully capable, which is why property managers so often turn to us.

Creating a better work environment

A clean and hygienic workplace is necessary to limit the spread of dirt, germs, and disease while, at the same time, protecting those who work there. MilliCare’s high-quality services can prove to be a major difference-maker on this front.

Taking advantage of surface protection

Large commercial buildings often have a variety of surfaces that require specific cleaning treatments. MilliCare’s proprietary systems, including our Resilient Floor Care, allow our franchise business owners to deliver the best cleaning results for each surface’s unique needs.

Extending property lifespan

Over time, uncleaned areas of a facility can wear down and negatively impact the prolongation of a building. This includes harm to the structural integrity, visual appearance, and value should the owners want to put the property on the market. Our Entryway Protection Care helps limit the attrition in these areas and can extend the lifespan of a client’s facility.

The Advantages a MilliCare Franchise Owner Can Benefit From

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Beyond the floor care services you can leverage as a MilliCare franchise owner, there are several other reasons to invest with us over our competitors. These factors include:

Access to National Accounts

We’ve established relationships with commercial organizations with properties in several territories. When your new MilliCare location comes to their area, they will likely be aware of what you can provide and be more likely to choose you. MilliCare is the only floor care brand in the industry today whose franchise owners can utilize national accounts.

Recurring Revenue

Commercial clients have come to appreciate the work we do and feel confident that we can duplicate it with each visit you make to their property. Their long-term contracts with us and MilliCare’s customer retention rate of over 90% give our franchise business owners a reliable stream of recurring revenue.

A Proven B2B Franchise Model

Entrepreneurs who utilize our business model typically find that our business-to-business (B2B) focus can generate better results for them. Those who invest with MilliCare often find their franchise easier to scale, grow, and operate compared to others in the commercial cleaning industry!

Regularly Scheduled Services

Floor care is an ongoing responsibility, not a one-time job. As such, our commercial clients turn to their nearest MilliCare franchise for regularly scheduled services to maintain and preserve the life of their floors. This helps our franchise business owners set expectations, meet goals, and form strong client relationships. 

Reach out to us to learn more about our floor care, textile and carpet cleaning franchise opportunity and why MilliCare could be the right floor care cleaning franchise to invest in!

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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