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The Ways We Help Market Your Commercial Cleaning Franchise

February, 21, 2024
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Like any other business, running a successful commercial cleaning franchise requires a multi-faceted marketing strategy to acquire new clients in your area and of course, grow the business. All commercial properties will benefit from the services provided by a leading floor cleaning business, but the hard part is gaining visibility in the marketplace.  It can be easier said than done. By investing in a franchise like MilliCare, world-class marketing support is readily available to you that would be more difficult to find and build by launching a business solely on your own. 

MilliCare has helped our franchise owners become the popular choice among high-value commercial clients in your territory for the past few decades. A dedicated Marketing Manager, and a plethora of agency subject matter experts, work hand in hand with each franchise business owner to build awareness through several new-age and traditional marketing strategies. 

From your Google Business Profile to social media advertising, to tried and true direct mail and good old fashioned outbound sales efforts.MilliCare supports our franchise owners by building a cost-effective marketing plan that drives results (we’ll know because we measure everything!). 

The National Presence of the MilliCare Brand 

One of the biggest support services  MilliCare provides for its franchise owners is our national accounts team. MilliCare is the only premier floor and textile cleaning brand that operates on a national scale, with clients who manage multiple commercial properties across North America. Because of this national presence and scale, new MilliCare franchise owners are able to capitalize on the great work that another MilliCare location performs elsewhere.

When national account clients need versatile services that they can’t get from the average commercial cleaning franchise, they often turn to their area MilliCare location. Once these clients see the difference our approach makes, they often spread the word to their other territories, where the potential for new business is a real possibility for MilliCare franchises that are home to that area. This national reach is a major focus of our marketing efforts and is rarely duplicated or enjoyed by others within the commercial cleaning industry.

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Regionally Targeted Social Media Campaigns for Your Cleaning Franchise 

One of the most effective marketing strategies is social media. The MilliCare team designs and executes geographically targeted social media campaigns to help you capture new customers, who believe are not, spend a lot of time on social media. By tailoring content and ads to specific locations, you can:

  • Engage with commercial property managers in your local community
  • Visually showcase the proven value of our services that have positively impacted other local businesses
  • Highlight services that resonate with regional interests and needs in your market

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow precise audience targeting based on geography and interests, ensuring that any advertising efforts reach the right decision-maker at the right time. 

Data Sources

We can provide data sources to help MilliCare franchise owners reach out to relevant businesses who are likely in need of expert floor and textile care. We deploy our marketing strategies in a number of ways such as

  • Flyers
  • Direct Mailers
  • Sales Calls
  • And more!

What Our Customers Say

When marketing a premium floor cleaning service to businesses, validation is key. The best advertising possible is validation from credible people - customers who are satisfied and do the referring for you. That’s why MilliCare marketing focuses on generating a positive experience that lead to happy customers, who are happy to give a testimonial.  These testimonials are gold!   MilliCare marketing helps create these testimonials to market our commercial cleaning services by conducting:

  • Video interviews
  • Before and after photos of client facilities (pictures always tell a great story!)
  • Footage of our professional technicians carefully completing work on a commercial property

The effort we dedicate to marketing your new MilliCare franchise is just one of the many ways we are committed to supporting you, our franchise owners. When you become a member of our franchise, you’ll immediately have access to a number of different resources to effectively market in your community. 

Want to learn more information about our marketing campaigns and other support efforts? Contact the MilliCare team today, and we’ll discuss our plans to help your franchise build momentum quickly!

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