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How We Design a High-Value, Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise

January, 03, 2024
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As someone looking to start their own low-cost cleaning franchise, it makes sense that you want to create an opportunity with strong growth potential. However, those that promise as much can come with high starting costs that might discourage you from pursuing them.

Striking a balance between finding a business with strong footing that will not overextend your financial capabilities is rarely easy – and even more so when you try to do so on your own.

Franchising with an established brand with a proven business model offering a reasonable start-up cost is a viable choice for investors looking to position themselves as such.

MilliCare has built top cleaning service franchises for several decades, as evidenced by our ascent in the commercial cleaning industry. Our franchise owners can take confidence in our proven approach to creating a low-cost cleaning franchise that has the capability to generate significant revenue.

This all begins with our laying out your initial franchise costs when you become our franchise partner. We identify aspects of the business that your investment can immediately address to give your new franchise some positive momentum.

This blog will showcase how the MilliCare team positions your new location for success by focusing on key resources essential to your franchise’s launch while minimizing other costs where possible.

Top Cleaning Service Franchises Don’t Require Massive Expenses

Starting a cleaning service business, particularly one that can become the top option for commercial clients, is seldom described as easy or “cheap.” Given it was, many people would jump at the chance – especially considering the demand for commercial floor and textile care services.

The MilliCare team has worked to design a business model that gives our locations a strong chance to become the best floor care service providers in their area without costing our franchise owners too much out of pocket to do so.

Opening a floor care franchise requires a significant investment, which is why we have structured the MilliCare franchise business model to leverage your start-up costs to fuel positive momentum. This is a significant difference-maker for many of our franchise owners and gives them a valuable competitive advantage in a crowded industry.

commercial carpet cleaning FDD

Expenses for a MilliCare Franchise

The MilliCare team understands that knowing your financial responsibilities upfront goes a long way in determining your location’s chances of success. In that regard, we clearly define the expenses you will cover at the start of your MilliCare franchise venture, fully aware of how that knowledge can help your new business. These start-up costs include, but are not limited to:

Franchise Fee

New franchise owners must pay a one-time, lump-sum fee of $49,000 to open a MilliCare franchise. This is something that nearly every brand with franchising opportunities includes in their costs. Paying the franchise fee helps us set you up with the branding and other assets that will help you draw on MilliCare’s established presence in the market to attract clients.

Training Program and Related Costs

You will attend an introductory training program to become a MilliCare franchise owner. The training program helps you familiarize yourself with our business model, the commercial cleaning industry, and our unique floor and textile care services, among other things.

This training has proved invaluable in helping entrepreneurs become MilliCare franchise owners, regardless of their background before franchising with us. The total costs associated with our training program, including travel and lodging, typically come out to around $2,000.

Cleaning Equipment and Materials

These resources will be highly valuable to your MilliCare franchise as they are needed to properly utilize our proprietary compound that makes such a noticeable difference to client sites.

These costs go right to improving the core of your floor and textile care business so you can deliver superior service. We estimate that the expenses for your cleaning equipment and materials will be $32,500.

Rent and Tenant Expenses

Of course, you will also need a space to operate your business. Most MilliCare franchise owners prefer to rent a suitable space and pay for any extra improvements necessary to make their location suitable for their new franchise.

Depending on the territory and building where your franchise is based, we advise that you budget between $300 and $4,500 for the first three months’ rent and $1,000 to $7,000 for any work you want done on the office space your MilliCare business will run out of.

Administrative Fees

Like many other businesses, you will be responsible for relevant insurance policies, deposits, and other setup fees. Doing so ensures that your franchise will have everything necessary to officially open without vulnerability to unexpected problems. You should set aside $15,000 to cover these important administrative fees.

You can expect your total initial expenses to open a MilliCare location will range between $170,000 and $195,500. While these numbers are certainly not insignificant, we are encouraged that they rank favorably compared to other commercial cleaning franchise opportunities.

We recommend you request a copy of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for a full overview of the initial expenses of opening a MilliCare franchise. Once you review the FDD, you’ll better understand what it takes to become a MilliCare franchise owner and how your investment is put to work!

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