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Go Beyond the Standard Carpet Cleaning Franchise with Us

October, 18, 2023
cleaning franchise services

Most individuals who want to start a new floor care business recognize they must offer a variety of in-demand cleaning services. Many newcomers acknowledge that their business needs to go beyond what a standard carpet cleaning franchise typically provides in order to stand out to clients.

Choosing the right brand to franchise with can have a significant impact on their ability to stand out. If you want to become part of a brand family with a reputable name and a proven track record of excellent service, you should consider joining MilliCare!

MilliCare has demonstrated what it takes to build a loyal client base in the floor care industry for the past 25 years. Our franchise owners are able to leverage our wide variety of services, competitive advantages, and recognizable brand name to win over new customers in the territories they enter.

With a strong franchisor by their side, they feel confident investing in a business that has the ability to outpace the average carpet cleaning franchise.

In this blog, we’ll show how MilliCare’s franchise business model allows our investors to elevate their business above other carpet cleaners in the minds of commercial clients.

We do this by equipping each low-cost cleaning franchise owner with the services, training, and support needed to become the leading option for clients.

cleaning franchise services

Our commitment to overcoming sanitary challenges and exceeding client expectations has made MilliCare one of the most popular companies in the commercial cleaning industry today.

Low-Cost Cleaning Franchise with a Versatile Carpet Cleaning Service Offering

Those looking to break into the industry will likely find the carpet cleaning business start-up cost associated with other brands does very little to set investors up for success. MilliCare’s franchise opportunity puts your investment right to work to help your location build positive momentum.

Some areas that are addressed through your initial investment with MilliCare include:

  • Rent and tenant improvements for your franchise space
  • Computer equipment
  • Franchise equipment and materials start-up package
  • Our franchise training program
  • Acquisition and use of a company vehicle
  • More funding as necessary

Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) estimates your total investment somewhere between $128,800 and $155,500 for each MilliCare location you open. The start-up costs also help our team set your franchise up with the elite level of floor care services that MilliCare has become known for.

The services your franchise will be capable of offering include, but are not limited to:

  • Resilient floor care
  • Tile and grout care
  • Carpet and textile care
  • Entryway protection care
  • Enhanced hygiene services

These well-rounded capabilities makes it much more likely that your franchise will be able to address every commercial cleaning challenge in a single visit. With such a convenient offering, it’s no wonder that MilliCare has become a favorite partner of many organizations that work in commercial spaces.

Unlocking opportunities with floor care franchise investments

MilliCare’s Competitive Advantages

A cleaning franchise should not be expected to survive solely on versatile services. MilliCare’s franchise model leverages our unique offering to build other competitive advantages for our franchise business owners.

Access to National Accounts

MilliCare is the largest floor care company that maintains a nationwide presence. Many of our clients also have commercial spaces that transcend multiple territories, opening up the door for other locations to hire their area MilliCare franchise to resolve their floor care issues. This means the work of one MilliCare franchise can create business opportunities for others in different regions.

Best of all, MilliCare is the only brand that has built a base of national accounts – meaning your franchise can leverage an extra boost that most other competitors can’t duplicate for themselves.

Ability to Generate Recurring Revenue

Businesses everywhere aim to establish a reliable flow of revenue to give their venture valued stability. MilliCare franchise owners can experience this thanks to our deep client base and the nature of the contracts that are signed in the commercial cleaning industry.

Most deals that our franchise owners agree to with clients are long-term. MilliCare owners get a clearer outlook on their business’s finances and what reasonable expectations should look like.

Our franchise owners are able to capitalize on these benefits and prove the difference that MilliCare service makes. Clients are rarely left unsatisfied by the work of our teams, as evidenced by our excellent client retention rate of more than 90%.

Those who invest in a MilliCare franchise get much more than a standard carpet cleaning business – they join a premier floor and textile care brand!

Interested in discovering other reasons why you should pursue a MilliCare franchise? Reach out today, and we’ll share more details of our franchise opportunity with you!

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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