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How We Do More Than a Standard Carpet Cleaning Franchise

November, 01, 2023
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Carpet cleaning has long been one of the most frequently requested services in the commercial cleaning industry. Today, however, the average carpet cleaning franchise typically finds it difficult to provide everything their clients are looking for. Many organizations that operate in commercial buildings require much more than just regular carpet cleaning services.

As such, they know that their best option is to hire professionally trained experts who specialize in complete floor care. Organizations searching for comprehensive services have increasingly turned to MilliCare for its well-rounded approach to meeting their commercial cleaning needs.

MilliCare’s franchise opportunity incorporates a number of useful and in-demand floor care services. Our franchise owners can leverage these to drive more business than a typical carpet cleaning business for sale could.

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Over the last 25 years, the MilliCare brand has become a household name in the floor and textile care industry. The versatility and high quality of our janitorial work and customer service are just two of the many reasons why we have remained a preferred option for over two decades.

Of course, MilliCare would not be as successful without the efforts of our franchise owners. We know that each MilliCare location plays a critical role in our overall success and growth as a brand. Our team is incentivized to ensure that new franchise owners will have the best chance possible to succeed once they open for business.

The franchise team at MilliCare is full of veterans of the commercial floor care industry and we utilize this experience to help our investors regardless of their levels of experience. This is all part of our commitment to proving that there is no better cleaning franchise for sale than a MilliCare franchise opportunity.

Start your own floor cleaning business today!

Commercial Clients Need More Than Carpet Cleaning

Organizations today are perhaps more mindful of their costs than ever - especially when outsourcing work to a cleaning provider. When these organizations partner with commercial cleaning professionals, they will likely choose a company that provides the most value for their money by performing multiple services in one visit.

This is an area where a typical carpet cleaning franchise could struggle, as they can only address one aspect of the client’s facility. In fact, some commercial spaces elect not to even use carpet anymore because it can be:

  • Financially draining to treat regularly
  • Visually unappealing to those who visit the space, especially when not cleaned properly
  • Ineffective at concealing dirt, grime, and other messes

Entrepreneurs who build a business that offers only one service will find it difficult to stand out in a market as varied as the commercial cleaning industry. If customers begin to shift away from carpets entirely, then your carpet cleaning business could be in danger.

However, you can avoid this outcome by diversifying your service offerings and becoming a total floor care franchise. A MilliCare franchise opportunity could be the perfect choice because we offer a variety of floor and tile care services to clients.

Examples of our client-pleasing offerings include:

  • Resilient Floor Care
  • Textile and Furniture Cleaning
  • Entryway Protection
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration
  • General Maintenance
  • And More!
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What Makes a MilliCare Cleaning Franchise the Right Choice?

MilliCare offers one of the best franchise opportunities in commercial cleaning - and it’s because of more than just our long list of versatile services.

Investors who franchise with our brand gain a number of benefits that include the following:

Established Stream of Recurring Revenue

Most contracts that your customers sign will be long-term. This provides franchise owners with a clearer picture of their financial performance and outlook.

MilliCare franchises also boast some of the best client retention rates in the market at over 90%! This means you won’t have to worry about clients canceling their contracts and leaving you scrambling to make up for lost revenue. 

Unique National Account Presence

MilliCare works with clients who have multiple commercial spaces located across the country. This means that one MilliCare franchise can make a positive impression that helps our other franchises win contracts elsewhere.

We’ve been able to service some of the top commercial brands with the floor care their properties need - and your new MilliCare franchise could quickly do the same.

Variety of Commercial Spaces We Serve

The MilliCare team equips our franchises to clean facilities of all sizes, in all industries, and for all purposes. While carpet cleaners focus almost exclusively on office buildings, we cast as wide of a net for potential clients as possible.

Our franchise owners have signed contracts with the following:

  • Schools and universities
  • Law firms and courthouses
  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Technology headquarters
  • Airports
  • And several other commercial spaces!

If you believe you have what it takes to go above and beyond the services of a standard carpet cleaning business, then you should consider opening a floor care franchise with MilliCare today!

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