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Cleaning Industry Trends: What's New in Floor Care

October, 25, 2023
Our commercial cleaning business Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

According to recent trends in the commercial cleaning industry, floor and textile care businesses are experiencing a high amount of positive momentum. Entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of this would be wise to consider a franchise opportunity with an established brand over a commercial cleaning business that follows a traditional small business model.

Although both can offer potential, small business owner(s) would likely have to cover every aspect of the business independently, with little to no additional support.

By choosing to invest in a commercial cleaning franchise, one can leverage the parent company’s:

  • Industry expertise
  • Name recognition
  • Training program
  • And other support efforts!

MilliCare has developed a franchise opportunity that can put entrepreneurs in a strong position to capitalize on recent industry trends. Our team has worked tirelessly for the past 25 years to make MilliCare one of the best floor care brands in the market.

We’ve done this by focusing on a number of important aspects for commercial cleaning businesses, such as:

  • Creating a well-rounded service offering
  • Setting high standards to meet and exceed client expectations
  • Improving our competitive advantages to stand out from the competition

Our team’s work has helped MilliCare rise up the ranks in the commercial cleaning market. We’re pleased to be recognized as the premier commercial floor care business and look forward to partnering with motivated entrepreneurs to reach new areas.

With the outlook for the commercial cleaning business market remaining a healthy one, those looking to find an opportunity to leverage this advantage would discover that a MilliCare franchise is the right venture to accomplish this.

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Trends Benefitting a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Along with the commercial cleaning industry’s rise in demand over recent years, the industry’s level of competition has also grown. According to IBIS World, the number of American commercial cleaning businesses has increased by 20% since 2019.

In this blog, we’ll identify some recent trends in commercial floor care and how they can positively impact the market for new businesses – particularly MilliCare franchise owners.

Public Spaces Need Hygienic and Sanitary Services More Than Ever

The health and cleanliness of shared commercial properties have become a more prevalent concern. Given the size of many commercial properties, the responsibility of maintaining the sanitary conditions of such a space can prove difficult for untrained in-house team members.

This leads organizations that operate in these commercial spaces to outsource commercial cleaning services to opt for experienced cleaning technicians with proper equipment and training to handle these challenges for them.

With the reliance on professional cleaners to properly resolve their sanitary issues, clients and their employees can better focus on normal day-to-day operations.

MilliCare franchise owners can utilize our strong brand awareness to attract commercial clients to their new business. MilliCare is the only floor cleaning franchise with a national presence, which allows the work of one MilliCare location to benefit many others throughout the country.

Our national accounts encourage clients with multiple locations to turn to their nearest MilliCare franchise for top-tier floor and textile care.

Our commercial cleaning business Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Expanding Markets for Cleaning Services

All kinds of commercial properties in several different territories are finding more reasons to utilize professional cleaning services. Each one often requires its own specific treatments based on cleaning challenges they frequently encounter and health regulations they are required to follow.

MilliCare franchise owners are well-positioned to treat many of these clients, given how well our services cover properties in various industries. Some examples of the infrastructures a MilliCare franchise is often contracted to treat include:

  • Airports
  • Medical facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Retail and shopping centers
  • Government buildings
  • Law offices
  • Schools and universities
  • And plenty more!

We’re also looking to continue this growth for our brand by expanding into new markets. The MilliCare team has identified a number of areas throughout the country where a MilliCare franchise could realize solid potential.

We’ve used market research and client demand to form this list of available opportunities for the right entrepreneur interested in starting a floor care franchise with us.

MilliCare is eager to prove that our franchise opportunities can yield fantastic results based on the positive momentum created by recent industry trends.

Want to take advantage of these exciting new trends with an industry-leading brand like MilliCare? Contact our team today, to discuss if a franchise agreement makes sense for both parties and, if so, which territory would best fit your new location(s)!

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