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The Hidden Advantages of Franchise Business Ownership

November, 17, 2023
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Starting a new small business on your own often comes with certain challenges you must face single-handedly. Franchise business ownership, on the other hand, gives you a proven brand that you can rely on to build positive momentum for your new venture. Franchising often works well in the commercial floor care industry because working alongside an established brand gives you access to products, a knowledge base, and clients that otherwise one would have to build on their own.

The commercial floor care industry is a great example of this. Significant demand from organizations that occupy commercial spaces has naturally caught the attention of many entrepreneurs. Those who choose to follow a traditional small business model typically face an uphill battle to earn the loyalty of commercial property managers.

If you are searching for the right floor care business opportunity, consider franchising with MilliCare. We have over 25 years of experience developing franchise opportunities in a growing industry. By joining our team, you can avoid the headaches that come with setting up a new business, acquiring a commercial cleaning license, and tackling other cumbersome responsibilities on your own. The MilliCare team can point you in the right direction and support your franchise location throughout your time as a MilliCare franchise business owner.

The Proven Difference That the MilliCare Franchise Brand Makes

We are well aware MilliCare is not the only commercial cleaning brand that allows entrepreneurs to pursue franchise business ownership. However, we are one that has worked tirelessly to strengthen our franchise model and give our locations valuable competitive advantages. As a MilliCare franchise owner, you will be able to leverage:

National Accounts

MilliCare is one of the few floor care providers with a nationwide client base. When one MilliCare franchise delivers excellent cleaning services to an organization's facility, it also helps our other locations win business. And with so many clients choosing MilliCare as their floor care provider, it's no wonder we have multiple locations in numerous territories.

All-in-One Floor Care Provider

We take pride in our reputation as an "all-in-one" floor care provider, a popular term property managers frequently use when searching for the right floor care company to service "all" their needs. As a MilliCare franchise owner, you'll be equipped with the necessary resources to provide a suite of floor and textile care services. Clients appreciate how MilliCare can deliver a variety of solutions; for one, our proprietary compound that aesthetically makes all the noticeable difference and resonates with the organizations that entrust us with their commercial cleaning responsibilities.

Recurring Revenue

The nature of commercial cleaning services typically means that your franchise can expect recurring business. At MilliCare, our clients sign a long-term contract that ensures our floor care professionals will return to service their property on a set schedule. This helps our franchise business owners generate a reliable stream of repeating revenue.

Our business model provides a clearer vision and forecast of your franchises’ performance over time. Many entrepreneurs prefer our model compared to relying solely on “one-off” client cleaning jobs.

Low Barrier to Entry

We are confident that motivated and passionate entrepreneurs will have what it takes to succeed as MilliCare franchise owners. Our team has worked with investors from all types of career paths prior to their joining our commercial floor care franchise. Given you, too, might be completely new to the industry, MilliCare’s comprehensive training and franchise support will prepare you for your new business ownership journey with us.

Our training familiarizes you with the responsibilities that you will take on as a MilliCare franchise business owner. This includes important aspects such as:

  • Managing Inventory
  • Monitoring expenses
  • Determining financial outlook
  • Earning new client contracts and managing existing relationships
  • Staffing
  • Evaluating and improving operations
  • And much more!

Our Requirements to Start a Cleaning Business

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As aforementioned, MilliCare’s requirements to start a cleaning business do not include prior experience in the industry because of our comprehensive training; however, there are certain personal characteristics and financial capabilities we look for in a franchise owner candidate.

Personal Traits

Over the past two decades, the MilliCare team has noted some common traits among our most successful franchise owners:

  • Willingness to pursue sales from a variety of leads, including schools, airports, government buildings, and more
  • Customer-oriented perspective
  • Strong communication skills
  • Desire to efficiently resolve client issues
  • Proactive mindset to notice and alert clients of potential challenges before they emerge

Financial Requirements to Start a Cleaning Franchise with MilliCare

MilliCare’s initial expenses are relatively low compared to many other business ventures across industries. We structure your investment to directly position your MilliCare location to quickly build momentum from the start. Our total investment cost ranges from $128,800 to $155,500 and includes our franchise fee of $49,000.

Owning a MilliCare franchise can give you plenty of additional benefits that would be hard to duplicate elsewhere. If you are ready to take charge of your next business venture, consider franchising with the MilliCare team.

Contact the MilliCare team today to request more information about our carpet cleaning franchise opportunity and if it is right for you!

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MilliCare Floor Care and Carpet Cleaning Franchise
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