Get the Lowdown on Hard Surfaces from milliCare’s Malcolm Sparling

Not taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cleaning allows milliCare franchises to capture more business and then expand services to each client

While carpets are a big part of every milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise’s portfolio, hard surfaces also make up a large and growing part of the business. That’s why a great deal of time and attention is paid to understanding their makeup and then devising and improving ways to keep them at their best — which also generates solid revenue for franchise owners.

“We have proprietary systems for cleaning carpet that are the best in the industry, and we feel the same way about our hard-surface options,” says Malcolm Sparling, National Accounts Director – Hard Surfaces. “We excel there because we focus not just on cleaning but also on restoration so that the flooring holds up and looks newer longer.”

Visible difference builds customer loyalty

That’s evident in commercial-space lobbies and restrooms in particular. While a regular cleaning crew can mop and tackle surface dirt, over time buildup occurs in the grout that’s between tiles and around the room’s perimeter. Black grout is unsightly, and milliCare has the solution.

“We can step in with proprietary cleaners and bring most grout back to its original color, and if we can’t it’s because the flooring is very old and there’s only so much you can do,” Sparling says. “We also have products that can stain the grout back to the original color and seal it with a performance coating so that the color holds true over time. Clients are very pleased with the results, because it’s far less expensive than replacing a floor, especially given that the flooring is structurally fine — it just doesn’t look its best.”

Performance coatings boost franchise business

Those performance coatings are a major differentiator for a milliCare commercial floor cleaning franchise, Sparling adds, noting that there are specific formulas for all types of industrial and vinyl floors so that there is a wide range of opportunity when it comes to bidding.

“Coatings are very successful for us, and they are extremely profitable for franchise owners,” he says. “They can be done with small crews, usually in a single day, and so produce a higher profit than is generated from a larger crew on a job that’s just cleaning alone. When they are coupled with our outstanding tile and grout solutions, it creates a significant stream of revenue with a low overhead for the franchise owners, which is great for them.”

A milliCare Floor & Textile Care franchise is a business-to-business floor and textile maintenance company with 70 locations in 29 states and six countries. Our parent company, Milliken & Co., holds more than 7,000 patents in flooring, textiles and floor cleaning — experience and tools milliCare leverages as we carve out a niche in the floor cleaning industry. Start-up costs start as low as $106,000 to $150,000, making the potential for high returns remarkable.  

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